Change was everywhere 

You heard it in the music 

You saw it in the clothes 

You read it in the headlines

Minds were being opened

Bridges were being built

whatever we had to do... it had to be gone by dawn

-Beach Crew

How we told this story

One of the original smugglers from The Coronado Company and an Executive Producer who had secured the IP for this story came to us to see how to get their story told.
Project options discussed ranged from a book, to a podcast, a streamed true crime series to a theater release.
After scores of in-person interviews with DEA agents, fellow smugglers, family members and law enforcement we began to assemble a Pitch Deck and produced a Pilot Podcast Episode.
We approached the big three agencies and WME signed on to represent the project. They are currently pursuing this representation as a book, a podcast series and as a limited series.
This is what we do - we produce and leverage IP for people to discover compelling stories across mediums for global consumers
Services for this project include:
  • Consulting
  • Writing
  • Production Management
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Podcast Series Development & Production
    • Streaming Content Development & Production
    • Book Publishing Preparation
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