The first step in any relationship is LISTENING. We take this to heart, and invest the TIME to UNDERSTAND your VISION, first and foremost. This is a PRIME DIRECTIVE in our relationships with our clients.

Everything can happen when listening is your starting point.

Our aim:

Through our attention to listening, DISCOVERY and ALIGNMENT with YOUR VISION are served, CLARIFYING priorities, outcomes, and budgets.

Our Alchemy:

By combining the elements of your vision and our team, we achieve and IGNITE your FLAME, our FLAME and the third FLAME of MYSTERY for an INSPIRED EXPERIENCE for your AUDIENCE.


Together, we COLLABORATE and PLAY, with refreshing IDEAS, techniques and locations to OPTIMIZE the telling of YOUR STORY.

CREATIVITY flows easily, naturally, like water when the container of intention is CLEAR

There is a space we like to refer to as "BRIANSHINING." It welcomes a CREATIVE PROCESS into our conversation as we EXPLORE an array of possibilities to express YOUR MESSAGE, YOUR MISSION and YOUR PASSION. These elements intact, your project will reflect the heart of your goals, showing WHAT'S INSIDE for the rest of the world to see ON THE OUTSIDE.


Pre-production and extensive PLANNING generate an environment of FLOW and EASE that ensures BRILLIANT results. Get that right and this will ensure OUR SUCCESS.

Pre-production is the touchstone for everything that follows.

RESEARCH, PLANNING, and STRATEGY serve us to establish a CULTURE with your project that FOCUSES ON RESULTS, igniting your viewers' TO TAKE ACTION.



Skillful EDITING, combined with powerful GRAPHICS and MUSIC, POLISH your project to ensure an INSPIRED audience EXPERIENCE.

Details serve the whole of every project, and they shine.

Your project will be delivered PROFESSIONALLY, reflecting the goal of igniting your BRAND, your MISSION, and your VIEWERS with consistent RESULTS.