Creativity and Magic are synonymous to Keresey, she loves discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary. As a multi-talented artist and filmmaker, she has valued curiosity and pioneering from an early age. Consistently seeking, exploring and inspiring rich life experiences; she has traveled around the world in search of connection and authenticity in cultures beyond her own. She was raised on an organic goat farm in Northern Vermont where she began her lifelong love affair with healthy living. Her passage into the film world was rather traditional—as a film journalist at WHDH in Boston, MA—yet her career path has been anything but traditional. She has worked with and learned from some of the best and most experienced people in the film industry on numerous documentary, commercial and narrative film projects.

Listening for the “heart of the story”, and finding ways to craft a visual masterpiece that will move and touch others, Keresey has honed her talents over the years preparing for the moment when the right team would show up…and then the moment arrived.

Most recently, Keresey joined forces with the 4 superheroes of Three Flames Productions. This alliance has enabled her to stretch beyond her own capacity to reach new levels of  collaboration, imagination and manifestation.Leadership and super-hero team development are two integral roles Keresey plays within Three Flames Productions, as well as relational intelligence, story envisioning, strategizing and implementation.

When asked what moves her, she responded, “Life…I am in love with life. And my life is the most authentic art form I can create.”