Three Flames Productions News for 07-07-2018


Las Vegas Video Production Companies

As one of the nation’s top video production companies, Thought Division has created TV commercials and video content for many of the world’s most recognizable brands. We’ve also helped countless small businesses and garage-based start-ups get their companies noticed and off the ground. From concept and shooting, through editing and post production, we deliver superior, polished video content for each and every job we take on. Creating unforgettable imagery – it’s what we do. View our television commercial portfolio and our web video portfolio. 

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Film & Television Production

Everywhere you look these days, there are screens that need content. The Division of Film & Television Production teaches students how to make compelling, in-demand content for screens of every size-whether it’s IMAX or a hand-held device. At SCA, students quickly become adept at the tools of the trade, from cameras, light kits, and editing software to the newest cutting-edge techniques and technologies that are changing the professional production process. Filmmakers were distinguished at the Directors Guild of America Student Film Awards. 

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Cinematic Wedding Videos, Video Production Services

For over two decades, VideoMagic Productions has pioneered the evolution of wedding cinema in Metro-Detroit and around the country. Our cutting-edge creativity, style and passion for detail have earned us countless awards through the years. As film makers, we produce wedding movies which not only entertain, but tell your love story in a unique, cinematic fashion. VMP is also a destination studio, which means we will travel anywhere in the world for your big day. We’ve been judged by the best, now it’s your turn to experience the difference! 

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Video Production Companies Phoenix

Anyone is capable of filming video, but the quality of that video depends on filming techniques and the resources and skills available. SteadiCam is a camera mount that enables someone to capture extraordinary footage. Through the use of SteadiCam, Point in Time Studios ensures that the cameras are steady while filming exhilarating, but crisp footage from different angles. By providing stability, this camera mount allows for smooth and sharp film to be captured while running around a set, up and down stairs, or even moving alongside a car. 

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Courtroom Trial Presentations

Legal Videos, LLC is a video production service that specializes in the. Videotaping of depositions and providing courtroom video displays. We are seasoned professionals that are service oriented and.competitively priced. Colleagues by providing top quality, prompt, and reliable video service. Deposition and conference rooms are available with complimentary snacks and drinks. 

Legal Videos specialize in great service with quick turn around and we also have a.$ cash incentive for any court reporter or court reporting agency. 

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Video Production Services

With a proven track record, our video production service is a cut above the rest. We regularly work on TV commercials, corporate video and web video production for mobile, social and cross-channel campaigns. We’re more than well equipped, with 8 separate studios in Australia alone and dedicated experts in every area of video production. From set styling to cinematography, from VFX design to 3D modelling – our video production experts and technical specialists not only come up with brilliant ideas, but also deliver brilliant executions. 

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Best Creative Video Production Services

The congress video he produced, has been shown in 22 countries around the world. A one-man band, self-starter, that brings great intelligence and creativity to his work. The video brought the message of positive ageing to a new audience in an imaginative and fun way. The viewing figures continue to climb steadily, long after the major publicity generated, died down. Age Action was impressed by the central role Richard played in it’s success. 

He was extremely helpful in all aspects of my video production, I would highly recommend him. 

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Fort Wayne Video Production // Stacked Studios

No matter how simple or complex your video is, production is unique to each medium. Here at Stacked Studios, we create videos that are tactical tools for you and your business – large or small. Capturing an audience through creativity is an art that requires passionate artists. There may have been a time that you have wished you had captured an event that was worth sharing. Using intricate cinematic style filming and unique editing techniques, Stacked Studios captures these events in such a way that will make them last a lifetime. 

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Video Production Company in Los Angeles

Way West Media provides local video production and SEO services, with offices serving Los Angeles, Orange County and all of Southern California. As one of the top video production companies in Los Angeles, our creative abilities meet the demanding needs of national brands and local businesses alike. In the cutting edge Internet marketing industry, we’ve earned the reputation of being a Los Angeles SEO company you can trust and partner with for years to come. Our ultimate goal is increasing business and sales for our clients. 

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Educational & Training

Corbin Visual is a Toronto based Video Production Company that thrives on producing leading edge creative, with cutting edge technology. While we deliver outstanding video, our clients end up with so much more than a ‘pretty face’. Corbin Visual gets to the core of the video’s intent, keeping business objectives at the forefront to make sure that the finished product looks incredible, gets remembered, and produces results. We invite you to look through the Corbin Visual lens to keep you not only relevant, but top of mind. 

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