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Video Production Services Tacoma Puyallup Olympia

A Harvard study on communication concluded that people remember 20 percent of what they hear, and 30 percent of what they see – but video productions using a combination of the two deliver information retention at the 70 percent level. Video is one of the most powerful means of communication. At PNW Video Productions we produce videos for organizations that want to expand their influence and explain their stories, or make sales. Generally, our presentation videos run about 5-7 minutes and contain information and testimonials. Our internet videos usually run about two minutes or less. 

We work with our clients to develop a concept and then we write the script, hire the actors/voice-over talent, shoot the video and edit the production. This video was produced for LeMay Mobile Shredding to promote their on-location ability to shred files and records and thereby protect identity and contents of used hard drives. This video was produced for Mohawk Carpets to illustrate their stain fighting qualities. This video was produced for Ideas and Training to explain the benefits of training DVDs by John Cleese and friends. This video was produced to share the history and the implosion of the Asarco smokestack in Ruston, Washington. 

Over the years we also produced videos for Asarco illustrating the process of soil removal and residential yard replacement. This video was produced for Rotarians for Hearing, which featured information on research for the regeneration of inner ear haircells. 

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Video Editing Service in Miami, FL

Miami Video Production Company Trueba Media brings your vision to life. We plan the logistics of shooting before initiating the actual video production in Miami or wherever you need us! Our office is located in sunny Fort Lauderdale. We also offer pre and post production services, including video SEO campaign services, Social Media Video Campaigns, Digital Marketing Campaigns and Integrated Marketing Campaigns to cover all the bases of your Video Project! The pre-production portion of the production package is very important to keep your project on schedule and we work with you on that, every step of the way. 

All production videos are shot using High Definition cameras for a crystal clear picture and top quality production. We are your dedicated film production company in Miami that you can trust. Our crew works together to offer you a wide range of production including film, documentaries, corporate, and video productions. We are waiting to tell your story with our video production group. Trust your production to the best production company Florida has to offer. 

We offer pre and post production services as well as internet marketing and social media services to get your video to the top. You can rest assured that every step of the production process will be handled with great care and detail, and you will be thoroughly impressed with the results. If any problems should arise, we are flexible and eager to please you in order to make the best production possible. 

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Las Vegas Video Production Service and videographer Photography Studio Rental

Las Vegas Video Production Service and videographer Photography Studio Rental Las Vegas Video Production Service is hustling for you 7 days a week – just like the exciting city of Las Vegas itself! We will meet all your specific needs for Video Production, Voice Over Talent, Editing and more! With a voice that captivates and commands listener attention, Alicia Perrone. LVVPS is full service video production specializing in Corporate Videos, Training Videos, Web Videos, Marketing Videos, Music Videos and more. Our video editing experts immediately and naturally recognize the best video clips to feature to showcase your business with engaging cuts and edits that capture and keep attention. 

We will help you build the most attractive, engaging videos for marketing campaigns. LVVPS will help you recreate your product videos to meet your sales and marketing objectives and engage your audience. Our interview videos are edited professionally to ensure that the best angles of a shot are matched with relevant audio content – using the best, most engaging cuts. The way to select an ideal Video Producing Firm in Las Vegas There are lots of ideas on how to pick a video generation business or exclusively a Lasvegas video production supplier or team. The Pros and Cons of Using Humor in Corporate Video Production Using humor in your speech or presentation is one of the ways to make your content interesting and very memorable to your audience. 

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Medical Video Production

Medical video production, like medicine itself, is a science and an art. As a science, medical videos, or medical multimedia communications in general, must be precise and concise. Our producer-director, Harvard-trained physician Dr. Vladimir Lange, has a combined total of 30 years of clinical experience and production expertise. This medical experience offers you unique advantages: it saves you time and money by flattening the learning curve; and it ensures that the final product achieves your goals with maximum efficiency. 

Medical communications that are informative and interesting. Your medical audiences are, like all of us, jaded by an endless assault of advertisements. In other words, your medical communications must be not only informative, but also fast-paced, interesting, and engaging. Lange Productions is based in Hollywood, California-the epicenter of the entertainment community. Our videographers, editors, graphic designers, actors and production crew strive to deliver the highest production values, and the most memorable visuals so that your program will be enjoyed, appreciated, and remembered. 

Contact us for a Free Consultation to find out how well we can serve your needs, and how surprisingly affordable our medical video production services really are. Lange Productions specializes in creating multimedia exclusively for the healthcare industry. Watch our videos on Vimeo or visit our You Tube channel. 

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