Three Flames Productions News for 05-30-2018


Remote video production via IP

Remote video production is now officially labelled as an industry trend. This post provides a quick overview of these texts as well as some comments with regards to our own remote video production solution. Gregory explains: in cases where production does not have to be in the proximity of the action, such as sports, music, theatre or conferences, video production can totally be made remotely - as long as there’s enough connectivity and bandwidth. Managing risksObvious concerns for remote production are connectivity and bandwidth. One of the teams, who have been testing our solution,-the production arm of Philadelphia Eagles, an NFL football team,-told us that they rent a dedicated 1 GB connection to guarantee reliability of connection, which is otherwise difficult to attain at a game with 70,000 spectators. 

If connectivity costs are lower than the cost of taking a production team - then keep the team at home!Unlike competition, our approach does not require that a dedicated line is set up-since we can stream up to 50 Mbps of low-latency video over the public Internet. The playgroundAlana Foster, a journalist at IBC365, mentions a number of companies who, as the text suggests, already offer products for the remote production scenario: Lawo, Net Insight and Nevion. We see the future of many small productions doing simple streaming to their CDN of choice, expanding their production quality and distribution to a higher level. Another thought is that remote production is driven by the transition to IP. Seems to be entirely true since most of the people we’ve spoken to are not just aware, they are active adopters of NDI®, NewTek’s video-over-IP protocol. 

Foster also mentions that 4K and 8K can be drivers for remote production. The cost of upgrading OB vans to handle higher resolutions can be very expensive, and at the same time IP technology is eminently suited to the transport of 4K/UHD signals, which is helping to justify the cost of a move to IP-based remote production. Yes: it is time to sell your OB truck and give remote production a try. 

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Articles about Video Production

BUSINESS. A Williamsburg video production company was founded by two businessmen who were unhappy in their jobs. Many people dream of starting their own company, but fear of the unknown or fear of failure often prevent them from taking the plunge. Scott Johnston and Robert Stephens, who worked together for eight years at a local video production company, were forced into making the decision when new management made them frustrated and unhappy. NEWS. 

More than 100 people attended the grand opening of the Community Video Center in mid-March. District officials are giving affected students the option to stay at their school even if they move outside of its zone, said Patricia Leary, director of elementary school leadership. There are 81 students living at Harbor Square who attend Tyler Elementary, about 20 who attend Lindsay Middle, and about 20 who attend Phoebus High, Leary said. NEWS. C-SPAN is bringing its nonpartisan Campaign 2012 Bus to Christopher Newport University next week. 

It will stop in the area in front of the David Student Union and Trible Library Sept. 26 from 1:45 to 3:15 p.m. People can climb aboard to learn more about the political process and the 2012 presidential election. The C-SPAN bus travels nationwide and visits state capitals, community events and schools to provide visitors an inside look at educational and political resources. NEWS. Being a successful entrepreneur in today’s rough and tumble business workplace can tax even the best of the hard chargers. 

Honest pursuit of the ultimate American dream of self-made prosperity in private enterprise still can work if people really believe in what they are trying to do. Smart decision making, calculated risk taking and earned reputation for having quality people, products and services make up basic ingredients for marketplace success…. NEWS. Andre Wilkes says he is great with a camera. 

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SAN Solutions » Video

Seamless collaboration in a video post-production environment requires a storage and networking infrastructure capable of accommodating hundreds of separate audio and video elements through live ingest, editing, playout , transcoding, and finishing. Highly scalable both in performance and in capacity, SAN Solutions’ Video Production SAN provides reliable, robust operation in the background as the creative team focuses on its work. SAN Solutions’ Video Production SAN environments support virtually any scale of user capacity and performance. Small workgroup solutions start at two to three users and one to five streams, and larger high-end systems scale up to 60+ users and hundreds of streams. Storage capacities can start as low as 3 TB and scale to hundreds of terabytes of usable storage. 

The company’s solutions can support media in any resolution for work with DVCPRO 25/50/100, ProRes, DNxHD, Cineon, J2000, and uncompressed video, and they can be designed to accommodate any color space resolution, including YUV, RGB, 4:2:2, 4:4:2, and 4:4:4. Available in stand-alone, NAS, or SAN implementations, each media archive infrastructure from SAN Solutions is built on an open architecture with a scalable and extensible design. Each solution provides tiered storage workflow management to ensure a high degree of speed and utility in working with media assets. Non-disruptive Storage Provisioning Meets any performance and capacity requirements Supports all major video applications Scales to accommodate more than 60 simultaneous workstations Supports up to 300 streams Offers cross-platform support for Apple OS, Windows, and Linux Provides centralized, secure streaming environment Supports all video codecs at any bit rate Supports all uncompressed formats at any color space Offers creative flexibility through shared environment Automates key storage management tasks Automatic call-home repair. Features comprehensive support package with automatic call-home repair. 

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