You are UNIQUE. Your STORY MATTERS to us. We HONOR your BUSINESS. We CREATE TOGETHER. We are a Production COLLECTIVE of film and television, web and DIGITAL CREATIVE professionals who EXCEL BEYOND the confines of tradition.

Applying decades of experience, our team is committed to creative solutions expertly making them real for your audience


Our Client production cycle:




The first step in any relationship is listening. We take this to heart, and invest the time to understand your vision.



Together we collaborate and play—with refreshing ideas, techniques, and locations to optimize the telling of your story.



Pre-production and extensive planning generate an environment of creative flow and ease that ensures brilliant results.



Skillful editing, combined with powerful graphics and music, polish your project to ensure an inspired audience experience.

Our Mission:

We craft projects that inspire, engage and empower your audience, providing a deeper understanding of the world around us, and within us, through beauty, integrity, and story.

We are committed to relationship: with you, with one another, and with our planet. Our mission is infused with our listening, powered by our dedication and grounded in our hearts, astonishing those who experience our collaborative, collective alchemy.

Client testimonials:

I could not be happier and I could not envision working with a production company other than Three Flames Productions.

-Jack Kline
Red Oak Recovery 
I've hired Three Flames twice, and I will do a third and probably fourth time. These guys listen to my vision, they embrace it, and they breath life into the project from beginning to end!
-Jim Arrendell
Jim Arrendell and The Business 
It is very rare to see a group of people who have the ability to manage so much technical and artistic quality in a way that's really connected and puts our needs first. And it was fun!
-Dr. Brian T Lumb
Nourish and Flourish 
They create a safe environment for you to be able to share your story, and they have such an authentic way of showing your story through film. 
- Mark Oerther 
Red Oak recovery
We are so excited to have worked with Three Flames Productions. They executed an incredible video for our Kickstarter Campaign.
-Alixa Garcia
Climbing Poetree
They were truly able to translate our message, our vision, our aesthetic into a compelling piece of media that led to the successful completion of our campaign for our upcoming record, and we are forever grateful. 
-Naima Penniman
Climbing Poetree
Working with Three Flames Productions allowed my story to come to life the way that it was meant to be told.
-Bekah Puccia 
Ember Lodge Founder 
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