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Video Content Marketing – Top 4 Video Production Mistakes to Avoid

Eight New IT Technologies That Are Changing Video Production

We haven’t always had IMAX theaters, 3D movies and augmented reality applications; this has only happened in recent years behind powerful servers, virtually unlimited storage, super-fast networks, lean code and ingenious new applications. Not anymore; a long list of new-gen laptops now are powerful enough to produce high-quality video for movies, video games and AR applications. In this eWEEK Data Point article, using industry information from Excelero VP of Corporate Marketing Tom Leyden and Pixit Media VP of Global Marketing Bob Murphy, we offer eight data center technologies that are enabling film and video creation teams here in 2018 to innovate, all the way from production to the streaming of films to your living room. Data Point No. 1: Ethernet Storage Fabrics: 25GbE, 50GbE or 100GbE. The advent of 4K and 8K video, and the demand for 4K/8K uncompressed playback by collaborators who are creating feature films, has forced organizations to reexamine whether their Fibre Channel networks can keep up. 

Today, as ethernet storage fabricssurpass Fibre Channel speeds geometrically and at much lower cost, ESFs are increasingly prevalent at media & entertainment firms. Storage in remote clouds is playing an important role in enabling collaborative workflows and archiving, with 48 percent of professionals in the firm’s 2018 annual survey using cloud-based storage for editing and post production. Video projects shot in the past few years can easily require more storage than decades of older assets combined, yet assets rarely can be deleted. Transparent tiering solutions move assets from expensive production storage to low-cost archival storage and provide analytics and insight into the asset and help to move data to the tier that meets the cost and accessibility requirements. Given extensive legacy applications, media and entertainment organizations often meet storage requirements by building multi-tier storage infrastructures and implementing hybrid cloud strategies. 

They migrate data from POSIX protocol-based systems to object and cloud protocol-based systems, and once migrated, assets are stored in industry standard formats; applications can read data directly from object and cloud storage, without having to re-migrate assets back to primary storage. New film and video production formats are driving processing and throughput requirements by orders of magnitude every couple of years, and media organizations have no choice but to keep pace so they can monetize content assets as long as possible. With a software-defined infrastructure, studios can keep up with ever-expanding requirements in server, network and NVMe storage technology without having to disruptively tear out gear and start all over again. 

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Video Production, 12th Edition [Book]

Video Production, 12th Edition [Book] O’Reilly logo With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more. The revised twelfth edition of Video Production: Disciplines and Techniques introduces readers to the operations underlying video production. It provides thorough coverage of the theory and techniques readers need to know, balancing complexity with practical how-to information about detailed subjects in a concise, conversational style. The book has been updated to incorporate recent changes in the video production pipeline-emphasizing digital video, non-linear video production, streaming platforms, and mobile production-while maintaining the foundational, nuanced, teamwork-based approach that has made the book popular. 

Each chapter includes key takeaways, review questions, and on-set exercises, and a comprehensive glossary defines all the key production terms discussed. An accompanying eResource includes downloadable versions of the forms and paperwork used in the book, in addition to links to further online resources. 

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Media Arts Center San DiegoMedia Arts Center San Diego

Full video production services based in North Park, San Diego. For a free project quote please contact Ryan Kuratomi. We offer full video production services from script development and shooting through editing your final product. We believe that storytelling is at the core of today’s successful media whether it is in your organizational profile video or a recap from your last great event. Media Arts Video Production Services is made up of experienced media production professionals with strong creative backgrounds in video, photography and design. 

We strive to make media accessible for you by walking you through the process as a partner in order to best connect with your audience. Media Arts Center San Diego, a 501(c)3 non-profit, has been a hub for local creatives by providing media education classes and unique film screenings. By hiring our video production team you will be supporting Media Arts Center’s diverse education and film exhibition programming. We’d love to hear about your next project and how we can help make it successful! 

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Practicum in Audio/Video Production

Building upon the concepts taught in Audio/Video Production II and its co-requisite Audio/Video Production II Lab, in addition to developing advanced technical knowledge and skills needed for success in the Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications Career Cluster®, students will be expected to develop an increasing understanding of the industry with a focus on applying pre-production, production, and post-production audio and video products in a professional environment. This course may be implemented in an advanced audio/video or audio format. Instruction may be delivered through lab-based classroom experiences or career preparation opportunities. This binder does not contain all lesson plans for this course. This content can be used with any textbook or instructional materials. 

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