Three Flames Productions News for 08-12-2018

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Video Production Contract | Tips for Negotiating a Video Production Contract

Video Production

Studio 22 is our HD broadcast studio located in the heart of New York City. Arranged as a flexible, multi-set configuration, Studio 22 is equipped with a state-of-the-art studio kitchen, a living room set, a music performance stage and a green screen set. Rental includes lighting, in-house production staff, and a broadcast control room and audio booth. We offer services like SMTs, Google Hangouts with our live streaming and broadcast capabilities. 

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Video Production

CoCo Communications produced this Angels for Athletes video. Production services included: videography, conducted interviews, developed titles, graphics, soundtrack, soundbites and edited the final production to tell the client’s story. Production services included: script writing, videography, conducted interviews, recorded voice-over narration, graphics, soundbites and edited the production to provide a compelling story of this unique service. 

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Introducing the 3D Video Production Pack!

We’ve created a huge pack with 20 video production themed models. You will also get two bonus behind the scenes time-lapse videos showing Remco modeling the Camera Dolly and Follow Spotlight from scratch. The models are made with Cinema 4D R12 and include textures. Two time-lapse videos showing Remco creating the Camera Dolly and Follow Spotlight from start to finish. For the best deal available on the Video Production Pack check out the Mega-Pack. 

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Video Production Company Servicing Miami Orlando Tampa & Naples area

We shoot with industry leading cinematic camera equipment such as the 6K RED Epic Dragon Digital Cinema Camera, Sony A7s ii, Blackmagic URSA as well as the Inspire 1 4k aerial video drone. Our team is compiled of award-winning directors, cinematographers, writers, and editors, in addition to a state of the art studio and equipment, look no further than Think Global Media, the premiere video production company of Central & South Florida. 

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Best Atlanta Video Production Companies, Video Crews, SMTS

Viewer glides through every scene with this stedicam on wheels. Gator attachable jib, that can expand from 8 to 43 feet. There are many steps to a quality video production, and if you’re not careful there are some crucial mistakes that you can not rec. If an interview is over modulated or has a ton of extraneous. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with a lot of production companies, and I have to say Atlanta Video 360 was my favorite. 

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Lillethorup Productions

Lillethorup Productions, Inc. is a professional team with an excellent group of support personnel that has produced quality work for over 30 years. Tim Lillethorup has over 30 years of experience in media production. He has owned and operated Lillethorup Productions, Inc. since 1993. 

His work experience includes; videographer, photographer, video editor, web site developer, art director and graphic designer. 

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Chicago Video Production Company

Quality is the most important aspect of our video production company. All videos are shot in high-definition or more and edited concisely to message. All video projects are completed in a timely manner for rapid delivery. We make sure to work quickly but keep our quality high. We are adept and seasoned in a wide variety of shooting environments and projects. 

Our agile production process allows for control every step of the way. 

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Fresh Look Video: Grand Rapids Video Production

For the past 14 years, Fresh Look Video, LLC has worked alongside our clients to provide award winning video productions that meet their needs. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we are visual storytellers who understand the power and impact of a single image. Every aspect of our business is designed to ensure our clients get what they need from concept to completion, all while focusing on integrity and Christian values. 

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Full Service Video Production in Columbus, Ohio

We offer a wide range of video production services to many types of clients while remaining committed to working within your budget and timeframe. Arlington Video Productions began offering quality services in 1992 and we continue to operate under strict standards of excellence. Call us first for events such as: Corporate Training Videos and Seminars. Special Occasions such as recitals, sports, equestrian videos. 

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Filmmaking, Video Production and Post Production

Shadows of Greatness follows pro boxer Sena Agbeko, Ghana’s former middleweight boxing champion. With a record of 60-9, he moved to the US to take his things further, but has yet to make his mainstream debut. In the middle of a career gap and an immigrant with an entertainment visa, Sena lives in near isolation fighting every day to maintain his passion and commitment for his dream of becoming world champion. 

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VPC, Inc.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE SOLUTIONS. Digital signage is changing the face of public spaces. From enhancing a retail experience by connecting customers & increasing brand awareness, engaging customers with interactive wayfinding or donor recognition, to sharing the rich history of an organization-the applications are endless. We work with you to bridge the gap between customers and technology to. 

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Advertising Solutions

We’re more than a newspaper – we create original and advertising content for all platforms, including video. Our state-of-the art studio, equipment, and experienced video producers, editors, and photographers are available to help you tell your story through sight, sound, and motion. Custom video production includes script and concept development video shoot, editing, voice overs and music. 

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Global Video Production & Coverage Company

We are a global marketing and video production company that creates meaningful content designed to promote your business. We offer marketing and video production services at affordable prices and rapid rates, all because of our diverse international team and advanced automated technology. Event marketing and production is our specialty, which makes Valoso a leader in the industry. 

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