Three Flames Productions News for 07-27-2018

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Digital Film & Video Production Alumni Robby Martinez | The Art Institute of Houston

A Streamlined Video Production Process for YouTube

Check out our video on Streamlined Video Production Process. I know how hard it can be to find a detailed process or a structure to follow for producing videos, so I am going to share my process with you in its entirety – from setup to promotion of the finished material. The first step in any video production process is the setup, and it typically takes about 15 minutes. Once the recording is finished, I send all three files – video from the camera, audio recording, and screen capture to my editor to do his magic and transform a rough product into a polished video that’s ready to be shared with the world. Video editing is a time-consuming process that requires both creative and technical skills. 

If you leave it to chance, YouTube can pull a frame from your video and use it as a thumbnail and trust me, that’s not going to be an inviting picture. Once I get the edited video back from my editor the next step is uploading it to YouTube. The tool provides a checklist of things you need for your video to achieve optimal results, e.g. suggestions for tags from similar videos. You only need to provide them with the link for your video and, if you like, they can even upload the transcription to your video when it’s done. 

The final step of the process is promoting the video so it reaches a wider audience. Finally, I run YouTube video ads with AdWords and target them with keywords from the video to get the ads in front of the right audience. There you have it, my complete video production process for creating YouTube videos. 

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The Multimedia Program is designed to provide you with the entry-level skills you’ll need by emphasizing concepts and applications typically used within the design, production and delivery of interactive multimedia content. Our program will prepare you for entry-level employment as media artist or animator, art director, graphic designer in electronic media, digital video editor, desktop publisher and Web designer, or working in mass media production, including audio or video production. Our program provides an affordable alternative with numerous resources. We offer students cutting-edge technology, knowledgeable guidance through the world of multimedia, and the ability to master industry-standard applications. With several open labs, two of which have 50 state-of-the-art Apple workstations, and a variety of course concentrations, you’ll find the resources and individualized attention you need to build a solid foundation in contemporary multimedia authoring. 

Our staff encourages you to develop the skills necessary to succeed, instructing you in the fundamentals of design, production, and project management while providing real-world assignments that engender collaboration. We offer you the opportunity of invaluable work experience while enrolled. Through our cooperative education program, you’ll acquire the professional and technical skills in demand in today’s multimedia organizations. We also work closely with PCC Career Services and multimedia industry organizations to create opportunities for students to gain experience. 

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Services including Safety Video Production in NJ

There’s nothing more competitive than auto sales, which makes effective advertising crucial to success. At Shamrock Communications, we produce auto advertising commercials in NJ to help you make the best impression to your prospective audience while driving floor traffic. We know how to reach your customers through great visuals and audio. We are experienced in automotive industry advertising and can help you attract more customers and make more sales. We don’t expect you to understand the ins and outs of video production. 

You’re expert at selling cars, not creating auto advertising commercials in NJ. An intimate knowledge of the video production process is required to ensure professional results. Our team creates effective commercials that attract people who are interested in visiting your dealership and purchasing cars from a dealer that presents a first class brand through its on-air advertising. Automotive advertising is changing, with traditional methods like print advertising no longer dominant. Getting people into your dealership requires an understanding of the latest digital and social media platforms. 

Increase floor traffic in your dealership and on your website with digital banner design, re-targeting and auto advertising commercials in NJ that can be used on your website, YouTube, Facebook, Pandora and as Pre-Roll Video advertisements to drive results. We will develop compelling digital ads and commercials that seek out your customers and promote your sales efforts across the digital platforms they’re using. 

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Video & Multimedia Matters

New Media Production is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama in the heart of the Tennessee Valley. Since 2003, people rely on New Media Production’s video, television, photography, and virtual tours to deliver effective communiqu├ęs throughout the spectrum of digital delivery vehicles. For corporate clients, New Media Production offers product demonstration and training videos for disc and web deployment. Plus, we produce broadcast television shows and commercials. For Realtors, Builders & Developers, New Media Production acquires on-location photography and produces video virtual tours – the most efficient way to showcase real estate on the Internet. 

For politicians, New Media Production produces introductory videos, television and radio commercials. This site is full of videos created for our clients. As the 2018 election season kicks-off in Alabama, former U.S. Congressman and State Senator Parker Griffith spotlights opportunities for progress in the state. New Media Production produced this fireside chat in front of our green screen in our studios, The Basement at Yarbrough Center. 

The background is a photo of Parker Griffith’s office on Lowe []. Read entire post. Enjoy! The New Media Production crew spent a []. Read entire post. 

New Media Production has deep roots in the Music Biz from the days of axing it out with fellow musicians on stage to working mulitcam video projects with talent like Jim Parker, 5ive O’Clock Charlie, John Stoddart, and now, Sunset Guns. 

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