Three Flames Productions News for 07-09-2018


Used Video Production Trucks

Gary B. I can always count on Allied Broadcast to provide new gear and quality used gear at a fair price. Jeff W. Our needs for touring with Dave Matthews Band, Dead & Co. and all our clients are continually changing. 

Allied Broadcast Group has always come through to help fill those needs for us. Mike L. Whenever we need used equipment, we always turn to Allied first. Even if they may not have an item on hand, they usually find it for us! 

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Cincinnati Video Production and Editing Services

McRoberts Video Productions serves both businesses and consumers. Whether your company needs a quality promotional video, or you just want to preserve some family memories onto a DVD, we can help! We offer video services such as Dance Recital Videos, Wedding Videography, Industrial and Business Videos, Tape Transfers to DVD, Film Transfers and Slides or Pictures to CD or digital. Our pricing is reasonable and we will work closely with you to create your video masterpiece. 

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Digital Video Production

We love working with you to create stunning videos ready for television or the web. As the Pacific Northwest’s most veteran film team, we’ve worked with hundreds of satisfied clients like National Geographic, NBC, AGCO, and Seattle Children’s. Whether you need HD, 4K or low altitude aerials, our award-winning team will listen carefully to your needs and transform your vision into a finished production using the most cutting-edge equipment and post-production software. 

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Pixel Video Production

This is where experience and craftsmanship really counts. Working together, your raw footage is edited and reviewed until the final product delivers on your objectives. Pixel Video uses Final Cut Pro X™ and Photoshop™ to combine video, photography, graphics and music to create your custom video solution. Depending on how your video will be viewed, Pixel Video will deliver your finished video in the formats required to maximize and enhance the viewer experience. 

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San Jose Video Production

In the highly competitive California video production market, BLARE Media seeks to stand out through two important things: better quality and unmatched service. Video ProductionFrom image acquisition to final deliverables, we bring the best equipment, software, and industry-proven workflows to every project with one thing in mind: to produce great-looking content for our clients. Cameras & EquipmentWe like to be a total camera solution for your project. 

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Audio Visual Production Company Dubai

Studio 52 is a renowned audiovisual media production company, but our Audio production, Video production, Corporate Video production, Promo Video production, 3D Animation, Safety videos, Time-lapse Videos, IVR production, and Telephone Hold Message production services are popular around the region. Videos we produce are so effective because we put video at the heart of digital marketing strategies that keep our clients on top of their clients’ minds. 

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Corporate Video Production Company in Cape Town, South Africa

Live Video to screen relay solutions- Live Webcast / Streaming services. We record events in HD using HD-SDI solutions, HD-SDI Vision Mixer and HD Recorders – We edit on: Final. We operate both, in Cape Town, SA and London, UK.Our company have several years of work experience, great customer skills and have very competitive prices. We are always looking forward to working with the new clients, so give us a call today for no obligation quote. 

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NYC Corporate Video Production Company

We are passionate about providing the latest and most up-to-date services in the video production industry in New York. Considered by many industry insiders as one of the best video production companies in NYC, our services are diverse and truly show our depth in experience as a video production company. These services can span across multiple uses: conferences, corporate video production, commercials, promotional videos and interview videos. 

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Kids’ Vid: Video Production for Students

Now the fun begins – capturing the images and sounds on tape. Production is taking the camera out and capturing the magic on video. Before you do, take a look at a few of these aspects of production so that everything will go as smoothly as possible. Camera MovesLearn the moves that you can do with the camera. LightingIn order to see your subject, you need to light it. 

AudioLearn about the microphones you will need to use for the best audio. 

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Vancouver Video Production Company – Shawn Lam Video Inc. – Vancouver Video Production – webcasting video, freelance videography, and corporate video production

There is no time like the present and Shawn Lam Video offers live HD webcasts so that you can connect with your audience in real-time regardless of their geographic location. Webcasts are a more efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to having employees or conference attendees drive or fly to a single location and are a great add-on to leverage existing conference efforts and to extend your reach. 

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Austin Video Production Company

With offices in the Austin and Washington DC Metro areas, Matthew and Company has worked with some of the largest corporations in the United States, Mexico and Europe to create dynamic video corporate reports, promotional web videos and inspirational team building videos. Whether it’s an interview, product promotion, B2B video, streaming live video or multi-camera events you need, MAC gets it done on time and within budget. 

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