Three Flames Productions News for 07-04-2018


Video production agency

Inspired Films is an award-winning film and video production company, creating effective, entertaining and engaging content, from brand films, corporate videos and motion graphics to TV commercials, Virtual Reality 360 and feature films. Inspired Film’s talented, award-winning creative team has a track record in delivering broadcast quality content across every format and budget level. We mix the very best talent from the world of commercials, features, corporate, TV and animation; all working together to meet client’s deadlines and exceed their expectations. Above all, we like to inspire viewers with the films we create. 

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Animation Video Production

3D animation is an ideal way to bring characters and inanimate objects to life. Our team of experience 3D designers, 3D animators can work with an existing design to model, rig and animate characters in any setting. In addition to 3D animation, we also produce 2D character animation – using Flash, After Effects, and traditional cell techniques. 2D animation can also take the form of motion graphics and visual animation, that doesn’t feature a character. Our 3D animation services also include Chroma Effect along with visual FX production, Photo Real effects, particle effects, and environment modelers & Design and many more. 

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Vlogging for Business

Transcription du cours- Hey everybody, Jem Schofield here. I’m really excited about this course because I have, along with my educational brand the C47, been vlogging in some form or another since 2009. What I want to do is take my experience in terms of how you tie in what you’re doing as a brand, and getting that out to the world using the vlogging format. Now in this course we had the opportunity to work with somebody who has a local business that’s wanted to start a vlog for a really long time. So that was really exciting because we got to help them figure out all of the stuff that this course is going to cover. 

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Video Production Company Cambridge

Cambridge based BAFTA award winning film and video production company with passion to help our clients use video, the most powerful content marketing tool, to connect with audiences, drive brand engagement, and get the results they desire, without having to commit to big media spending. If you are looking for engaging social content like our work with HRH The Prince of Wales, corporate content with character like our work for Liberty Group, or creative like our work at Silverstone, we strive to develop and apply ideas to your brief that will communicate, influence and inspire, to both you and your audience. 

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Digital Attic / Web Design, Video Production and Mobile App Development

For over 20 years Digital Attic has been pioneering innovative web and multimedia solutions for clients from Fresno and Clovis to Los Angeles and beyond. We consider ourselves a versatile resource and an extension of our clients’ staffs. Whether it’s web design and development, internet marketing, mobile app development, business logic systems and content management systems, or graphic design and video production, we have the experience and creativity to help market your business effectively without busting your budget. Simply put: We help your business-boutique or corporation-stand out in a sea of competitors. 

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Top 3D Animated Video Production Company

If you’re anxious to get into the market and launch your brand, then video production companies are the wise choice. At, we provide majestic 2D and 3D video animation services through an amazing animated video maker team. When it comes to business explainer videos, especially for startups, we are the people’s choice as the most reliable video animation company in town! With attractive 2D animation services prices, and a solid reputation as a 3D animation company, our eminence of work is second to none. Our pledge is to make our customers shine nice and bright above all others. 

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Video Production Services

3N Productions understands that your business can’t afford to have an image problem. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video story is worth thousands more. We craft your video story utilizing movement, color, & sound presenting your message & point of view in striking, memorable ways. 3N Productions collaborates with independent producers, production entities, corporations & broadcast facilities to help co-author your story. What this means for our clients is a full service team of experts with world-wide experience. Specializing in all phases of video production Studio Services & Field Production. 

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Milestone Media Video Production Film Transfer in Riverside CA

Milestone Media/ is a located in Riverside, California. With decades of experience in video production, TV broadcast production, home movie/film transfer, media conversion, video duplication, graphic design/printing, social media development/marketing, website & mobile app design, and DVD & CD authoring, duplication & replication. Milestone Media is the Inland Empire’s one stop shop for all your video production and multimedia needs. Fair prices, timely delivery, and friendly, courteous service make Milestone Media/ the best choice for your next project. 

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Toronto Video Production Services

Key West Video is a full-service corporate video production company with over 28 years of experience in the Toronto video production industry. Our corporate video production crew has worked with large corporations, small businesses, start-ups, and non-profit organizations on all of their video marketing and branded content needs. With our own full-service green screen video production studio we are able to offer unparalleled flexibility to our clients for all their video needs. Key West Video is professional, flexible, and customer focused for all the corporate video production services you require. 

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