Three Flames Productions News for 07-02-2018


Science Video Production

Ideal for frequent, large quantity, budget-conscious productions. This is not your grandfather’s video production. Or that friend of yours who was a senior when you were a freshman. For those on the cutting edge of content marketing, the BenchFly Reactor empowers you to dream big with video. We take care of everything from A to Z. 

Ideal for single projects with limited numbers of cinematic quality videos. For those who prefer a more traditional science video production experience, we provide a full-service offering as well. Whether it’s your first video project or your hundredth, we’re here to guide you through the process and make it painless. Let us know about your project to see if we’re a good fit . 

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Westside Production House: Fort Worth Video Production co.

Westside Production House is an award-winning video production company located in Fort Worth, Texas. With over twenty-five years of experience in the industry we have produced a wide variety of video productions for both businesses and individuals. Our specialty is recording live events such as musical concerts, theatrical performances and dance recitals. What sets us apart is our ability to capture great sound in theatrical settings. We also provide our clients with the best customer service possible and will go the extra mile to deliver your project on. 

Whether your video is for business purposes or you wish to preserve memories from a once-in-a-lifetime event, Westside Production House is here to assist. 

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Conference Production, Video Production, Exhibition Entertainment and Event Production Services

Our unique presentation skills training is backed up by over 35 years of experience in the broadcast television and conference industries. Based on the ‘Heroes Journey’ story telling model it gives both old and new presenters the extra confidence required to deliver their messages in a manner that makes sure their audiences listen, remember and act upon what they’ve heard. Our presentation skills training has been enjoyed by many companies, from board level through to graduate starters, including NFU Mutual, Capita and Shell. In fact Capita have just including our training in their post graduate apprenticeship programme, as previous graduate trainees have benefitted so greatly from taking our course. 

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Video, Photography & Film Production Company, Johannesburg, Pretoria, South Africa

Sound Idea Digital is a professional video production agency based in Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa. We specialise in health & safety videos, training videos, marketing videos, corporate videos, web videos, animation and motion graphics. We also produce industrial, mining, induction, and company launch videos. Our film crew is a unique blend of talented and experienced cameramen, photographers, visual effect masters, audio engineers, and video editing specialists who will ensure that your video production meets your every expectation and beyond. With over 25 years experience in film-making and video production, Sound Idea Digital is the leading film & video production house in South Africa. 

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Santa Monica Productions Santa Monica Productions

Santa Monica Productions Spain is a full service production company in Spain specializing in both photo and film. Santa Monica Productions Spain is a company located in Southern Spain along the Costa del Sol in Marbella. Santa Monica offers complete location and production resources for stills / photos, film and video production. Santa Monica provides the infrastructure to facilitate non-Spanish film, video and stills / photo shoots in Spain. Our image database of over 520,000 film and photo locations in Spain is available on-line. 

Request location pictures and you will have them within minutes. If you would like to discuss your next production in Spain please get in contact. 

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Video Production Columbia Mo

In 2011 two college friends started a different kind of production company, founded on the idea of building relationships through cinematic storytelling. Peace Frame operates as part business and part artist collective. The business is managed by a sole proprietor, who works with local professionals on projects ranging from single day shoots to month long feature films. The collective is where our people experiment and take artistic risks. This arrangement allows us to develop our aesthetic, remain selective about our projects, and pool our resources for any size project. 

If you would like to contact Peace Frame, we usually respond to emails and calls within 48 hours. 

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Video Production Orlando Denver Videographer for Lawyers

This video for townhouse for rent in Winter Park FL was filmed with drone, specifically the Phantom DJI 4. The real estate drone video was shot in 4k above Winter Park Fl, just outside the community of Baldwin Park. Both are close to downtown Orlando FL and close to authenticWEB’s headquarters. 4k drone footage with a high quality drone can make any average real estate video, from rental to sales, look amazing. The big thing to remember when creating videos for your real estate listings is that potential renters and buyers are making decisions before they ever go to an actual showing. An amazing video can help you to sell or rent much faster, close to asking price. 

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Guides at Georgetown University

A two-column script is an easy way to structure and plan for your documentary project. Even if you don’t know what your interviewees will say or what footage you might shoot, writing a script predicting what you want your final film to look like is a great way to stay organized. Once you do shoot your documentary, you can update your two-column script to reflect what video and audio you actually have to work with. In the left column of your script you will describe all the VIDEO your viewer will see. In the right column, you will describe all the AUDIO the viewer will hear. 

Think of each row as one scene in your documentary, with the audio playing over the video. 

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