Three Flames Productions News for 06-16-2018


Planning A Video Production

If you suddenly find yourself responsible for a complex video production-you know, more than sitting in front of your web cam-you’ll need to do some major planning. You may need written permission to set up and implement a video production outside of a studio, so be sure to have the approval forms on hand. Alternately, you can hire a video production house and use one of their studios where they will create the sets. There are several production documents that are more or less required for a multiple-scene and multiple-day video production. The script will be shot out of sequence, according to location, which is the most efficient way to shoot video or film. 

Don’t forget to have the selected talent sign release forms that give you the rights to use them in the video. I’ve directed video productions with one crew member: a camera person. Director: If you are the person responsible for the video, you might likely become the default director. For small or low-budget video productions, you will have a videographer who also mixes the audio. Everything done to the video after the recording is considered the post-production work. 

If you don’t have the capabilities in-house, you’ll need to hire a video studio to do the post-production work. The producer of the video may need to sit with the editor to identify how sequences should be assembled. 

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Video Production Company

Our approach to producing marketing videos is pretty simple: We start by learning about you and your audience. This approach enables us to clearly define what the goals and objectives are by uncovering the human side of your business. We specialize specifically in producing High Quality Internet Marketing Videos that get the results you want. Business Owners: Whether you need a single video for your home page or a series of videos for your entire website, we can handle everything from script writing to publishing your finished video on your website. Internet Marketing Firms: So you need marketing videos produced for your clients. 

Strategies to develop, clients to appease, reports to write, teams to manage and budgets to watch. Your objectives are simple: video that enhances your clients online strategies delivered on time on budget look great and deliver results. To achieve all of this, you need a partner you can trust a partner that not only understands the technical aspects of high definition video production, but a deep understanding of video marketing as well maybe we can help! Video can be a complicated process with us it’s not. Because we focus on what matters the people, the goal, and the marketing message that delivers results. 

Give us a call, or drop us an email when you need video production Dallas we’re here to help! 

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Video Production Rochester

The advancement of digital technology in the television and media industry has brought the potential of corporate videos to the fore. From highlighting products and introducing new services to providing information about a business to customers, the uses of videography is unending. As a leading service provider in cinematography services, Maslin Films serves clients from big business to no-profit. We are well-equipped to offer services in video production such as video editing, graphics production and aerial video services. The secret formula to our success in the industry is a simple one. 

We believe we have the best camera crew around who believe in our desire to always give off our best. We put this talent and experience to good use armed with the latest advanced equipment and tools. We are very proud of the equipment we use to offer our clients the very best product we can offer. If you want your videos to achieve the impact you desire, you will have to rely on the services of a professional service provider with extensive experience and expert skills. Maslin Films breaks the ground when it comes to a customer-focused service. 

Ours is a can-do approach to all video production projects, from filming to postproduction. We ensure that your message is delivered to your satisfaction, and in a highly creative and exciting format. 

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Award Winning Directors- Austin Video Production Company: Mishnoon

Individually, they are talented award winning script writers, directors, editors and entrepreneurs. Together they are Mishnoon, a multi-disciplinary creative force that is focused on producing high quality film and video content. Josh and Nick grew up in the outlaw country music scene where the creative bug bit ’em early on. You could find these two as kids lugging guitar cases around, sitting on amps in the bars and soaking up stories, somewhat unspoken roadies for talented musicians such as Stephen Bruton, Willie Nelson and family. After high school they moved from Louisiana to Austin, started playing in a band with Black Joe Lewis and subsequently pursued their education in film where they learned to transform moments and ideas into visual stories. 

In 2007, they launched Mishnoon with a sole focus on video & film production. Majnun and Layla are the Romeo and Juliette of the Arabic and Persian culture. The story goes that when Layla died, Majnun went crazy and wandered the desert writing poetry in the sand. In Arabic, Majnun can be interpreted as ‘crazy/goofy’. Growing up in Louisiana with Lebanese roots, Josh and Nick’s family would affectionately call each other ‘Majnun’ when someone was acting out of the norm. 

When starting their company, they used this bit of their history as the inspiration for the name Mishnoon. 

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