Three Flames Productions News for 06-14-2018


The Video Genius Video Production Charlotte NC

You know you need a video to promote your product or service but you don’t know exactly what you want or need. Even if you have everything ready to go, we’d still be happy to take a look at your script and provide suggestions. If you decided to hire The Video Genius then close, your eyes, take a deep breath, and relax, because we take care of everything. We bring all the equipment needed to film your video at the highest possible quality. Great quality footage doesn’t mean much when it isn’t edited properly. 

Editing can make good footage look bad or bad footage look good. At The Video Genius we like to make great footage look incredible. We have experienced editors that will take your project’s raw footage and turn it into a compelling story that will captivate your viewers. Along with professional editing we also offer custom motion graphics to help relay your message to the viewers, special effects to add production value, and color grading to give your video that cool, custom look. No matter what format you need to distribute your video in we will encode it and deliver it in the proper format and it’s free with your video. 

If you need the a DVD duplicated we can take care of that for you for a very competitive rate. If you’re not sure what format you need or even how you should distribute it, no problem, let us consult for you and we’ll make suggestions based on our experience. 

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Export…. Work Time- Use the whole class period today to work on your Final Video. Work Time- Get into teams of 4, create a 2 minute talk show video and get the video uploaded, no editing necessary, choose a topic, get a camera and tripod, and have at least 3 people in the talk show. 4/27- Hi, We’re going to have an awesome week! We’ll be completing the middle school tips video and have time to work on your final video this week. Work Time- Continue working on your video for the competition. 

Work Time- Continue working on your competition video. Work Time- Continue working on your Parody Video! Start editing! After bell work you should be working on the music video if you’re on the music video editing team. Bell Work- Click the bell work link below and read through the different categories, putting your main focus on the video production and website design sections and discuss with people around you. 

Bell Work- Click the bell work link and browse the webpage which talks about trends in video production in 2014. IF you can’t find your videos get some other videos from the video production folder and work with effects, transitions, graphics, or audio. Today you will begin working on a video production website, eventually you will post your videos to your own website. Some of you will be working on a music video, others a how to video, others a short movie. 

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: Television & Video Production: Full-time, Diploma

In this program, you’ll train thoroughly for the behind-the-scenes jobs available in the growing world of video production. This includes working closely with industry professionals to learn the skills today’s employers are looking for, all to help prepare you for your dream career as an editor, video producer, film maker, and more. Through BCIT’s Television & Video Production diploma program, you’ll prepare and deliver programming that’s broadcast weekly on Shaw TV, streamed online, and delivered through online video services. As part of earning experience in every facet of production, you’ll rotate through various roles, including writing scripts, shooting and editing, directing, lighting, and audio mixing. Because BCIT’s first goal is to prepare you for a successful career, we regularly update and adapt our course offerings and hours to meet changing industry conditions and demands. 

Some classes and practicums may take place outside of normal class hours, including evenings and weekends to offer flexible training opportunities for students. To give you even more current, relevant experience, you’ll participate in a four-week practicum with a TV station, film studio, or media production company to learn on the job and develop connections throughout the industry. Students find practicums in communities throughout the province, across the country, and around the world! 

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Cincinnati Video Production Company

Offering Video Production Services to both the Cincinnati, Ohio area and across the globe. Cinevita Films is an innovative and collaborative video production company that is dedicated to producing videos that are visually striking, emotionally engaging and strategically effective for the companies we serve. Our unique and strategic approach to video production allows us to stay on the cutting edge of industry trends. Our company takes a proactive approach in developing concepts that will continue to separate you from your competition and connect you with your customers. Our goal is to use videos to effectively communicate the brand and vision of the companies we partner with. 

Cinevita Films is a turn-key video production company and we handle all aspects of production including creative development, scheduling, scripting, production, post production, motion graphics and delivery. Video has the power to connect with your customers in a way nothing else can, whether through web videos, corporate video, or tv commercials. We believe that collaboration is the key to success and we have assembled a diverse team of leading experts in each respective field of production. Inspirational works of art that engage your clients and ultimately delivers results. We believe that a video is most successful when it is both visually striking, emotionally engaging and strategically effective. 

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