Three Flames Productions News for 06-09-2018


Customers are more technologically savvy and competition is fierce. You can’t get by anymore relying solely on written copy to market your business. Without a way to engage your audience in a powerful, concise, and authentic way, you’ll lose to someone who can. The simple fact is, no other form of advertising has been proven as effective as video. At Carley Creative, we’re ready to transform your marketing arsenal with the power of professional video production. 

Carley Creative began as a small company, but soon turned into a successful video production company in Texas. Our founder, Jason Carley, honed his video production skills in Los Angeles before moving to Texas to put his LA knowledge to work in his home state. Today, Carley Creative offers extensive experience across a broad variety of visual media. If your business is searching for agency-quality work at a fraction of the cost, we think you’ll like what we have to offer as a top contender for video production companies in Texas! No matter what product or service you’re marketing, we are committed to working with you to ensure that you deliver the right message with a winning video. 

As your business grows, we’ll keep our finger on the ever-changing pulse of the video industry, adapting to technological advancements and design trends so that we remain one of the top video production companies in Texas. Whether your business requires live action production, animation, or event video production, our team has the experience and passion to take your video from an idea to a final cut. 

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Video Post-Production |

Post-production editing is at the core of our expertise, and it’s no coincidence that Producer/Director Jack Paar began his career as an actor and then moved his way through every position of television production and became an award winning post production specialist and producer. Our in-house post production facility in Minneapolis, MN – just minutes away from downtown Minneapolis – is where our editors and graphic designers bring your creative to life. Over the past two decades we have curated a range of creative talents – producers, directors, editors, motion graphic designers, 3D animators, audio engineers, musicians. If it’s a video to motivate your sales force, a corporate training module, or a award winning Direct Response commercial – we have the experience and the knowledge to tailor the creative style to fit your needs. BusyBoy Productions most valuable post-production asset is our carefully curated collection of award winning video editors, not our high-tech equipment or cutting-edge video editing software. 

Our diverse team of award-winning artists and editing specialist spans the media spectrum, from feature film and documentary editors to specialists in music videos, television, movie trailers, motion graphics, animation, and corporate videos, as well as journalism, live meetings and events, experiential design, and reality TV editors. This creative diversity allows BusyBoy to select the ideal lead editor for every project based on the project’s specific objectives, constraints, and creative aspirations. 

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Boulder Video Production Company

We’re more than just a Boulder video production company. Not only can we produce a great video to help people understand why they should hire your company, our video SEO team will optimize your video for YouTube, Google, and other search engines, and we’ll also help you get the video on your website, email marketing, and social media. We also excel at corporate training video production. There has never been a better time to take advantage of video marketing. Below are just some of our video marketing services. 

We’re a results-focused Boulder video marketing company. That’s why we take a holistic approach to not only using video to enhance your sales process, but also to use video as a tool to help people find your business online through mobile web design, SEO, social media marketing, and more. You’ll have fun! There are tons of video marketing companies in Boulder and Denver. If you’re looking for a local, Colorado video marketing company who gets great results and has a hell of a time doing it, give us a call at 544-2125. 

Check out some of our video portfolios, and let us know if you’d like to talk about how our video marketing services can help your business. In addition to having the staff and technical experience to manage large productions for clients like Colorado Public Radio, Ballet Nouveau Colorado, and Constant Contact, we also have affordable video production services for small, local businesses. Contact us for a free quote today! Visit our video production clients list to see what businesses we’ve worked with. 

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Corporate Video Production Singapore

Reelmedia is in the business of helping companies become category leaders through videos, SEO and inbound marketing. Our Mission is to enable companies and entrepreneurs to leverage on the power of online videos and organic traffic to grow their business, and dominate their niche. Our corporate video production focuses on videos that sell – helping business owners and companies increase their revenue by using videos to clearly explain their products and services. We don’t believe in hype or fancy, creative videos that look great but don’t bring in results. We break down the complex art of video production into simple and easy steps by guiding our clients along in each stage of their video production campaign. 

We also specialize in online video marketing – getting your videos on the 1st page of YouTube and Google search results. Videos should ultimately be seen and drive massive amount of visitors to your website and business. We are experts in Video advertising via YouTube Trueview, and focus on video lead generation or social media campaigns to boost the virality of your videos. Inbound Marketing in combination of Search Engine Optimization serves to rank your website #1 in Google for your main keywords. People are searching online for your products and services, and Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that is designed to appeal to your dream customers. 

Inbound Marketing & SEO attracts qualified prospects to your business and keeps them coming back for more, all by utilizing free traffic sources. 

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