Three Flames Productions News for 06-08-2018


Seattle Video Production Company

We scale flexibly to the fit the budget and goals of each project. Nationally recognized companies, as well as nonprofits, advertising and public relations agencies and small businesses rely on GoodSide to produce compelling video content. As of 2018, our team of video production professionals has over 23 years of experience. Over that time, we’ve created effective corporate videos, fundraising/advocacy videos, marketing videos and training videos for over 300 clients. From field shoots, live streaming and studio shoots to interview videos, table top product shoots and stop motion production, GoodSide produces winning videos for our clients. 

Our Clients Love Us! Check out our testimonials to find out what past and current clients think of our video production services. This Seattle Video Production Company has a team of creative professionals ready to handle every aspect of your project. Our writers, directors, producers, and videographers have deep technical expertise. We’ve produced thousands of professional videos for integrated marketing campaigns, internal communications, television advertising, web and social media placement. 

We’ve shot everything from conferences, concerts, corporate meetings, large-scale events, aerial overhead, in-studio and on-location shoots. As a Seattle Video production company, we’ve produced content for many highly regarded organizations and admired brands. Whether you’re ready to start production on your video right away, of just thinking about it, contact us right away and we’ll help you move forward with your video project. 

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Film Production Company NFD Productions are a Leeds based with strong traditional values of quality and service.

FILM PRODUCTION. NFD Productions are a family run film production company based in Leeds. We have strong traditional values of quality and service. Giving real value for money, innovating, excellent customer service and going that extra mile are our trademarks! We relish the unusual and the difficult because we love what we do, so no project is ever too small or big for us! 

This Show Reel is a mix of Drama and Corporate work produced by NFD Productions. The final clip in the sequence is 3D and requires Red and Blue Glasses to view in 3D. EXPERIENCE. Experience and expertise in the film production industry is always hard won; we have worked with amongst others. ACTORS. 

We are unique in film production in that we also have an acting agency for adults and children plus an adult and children film and TV actor training division. That means we can both supply and train actors and presenters for your projects at a very reasonable cost. We can and often are a total one stop shop for all media projects including project managing and writing the scripts. OPEN TO CHALLANGES. We are always open to other challenges. 

STUDIO. We have our own purpose built studio a short drive or train ride from central Leeds where we can cater for just about anything. From a corporate/training office scene through to a green screen feature film project and or a full blown 3D film production. REQUIREMENTS. What ever your requirements we can help, please get in touch to learn how we can help you with your projects. 

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Corporate Video Production Experts

An average user spends almost 90% more time on a website which contains video, and 80% of them will remember a video they have seen the previous month. Due to the fact that they are both visual and auditory, videos are much easier for the majority of users to remember – and with video, your brand imprints in their memory as well. Video content has the highest share rate of all content types. More than 50% of consumers state that watching a product video has made them more confident about interacting with a brand and purchasing a product. Just one high quality video can do in a few seconds what textual content cannot, even in several pages. 

Our product video production show how effective it is in action;. Our training and educational video production replace the need for face to face lectures and meetings; our videos guide users step by step through a presentation. Almost 90% of online marketers use video content in their campaigns. More than half of marketing professionals have named video the type of content which produces the highest return on investment. Currently, over 90% of marketers are using video in their advertising campaigns, and if you are not one of them, it means you are a few steps behind – take advantage of the new opportunities video marketing presents you with! 

Our whole team are really happy with the testimonial video that 1 Minute Media produced for us it really captured perfectly our message for potential clients. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable video service for their corporate events. 

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How to Buy Video Production Insurance

Video insurance can also cover liability, vehicles, props, copyright and clearances, errors and omissions and even a particular production shoot. Sometimes you will need to provide insurance for equipment that does not belong to you. When you rent video equipment from a camera rental house, they will require you to have insurance coverage sufficient to protect their interest in the equipment. Have your insurance company email proof of your existing insurance coverage to the rental house, or. The Certificate of Insurance must be sent from the client’s insurance company rather than directly from the client. 

The Certificate of Insurance must be received and approved by Acme Video Rentals in advance of any rental. To make sure all equipment is covered and that the insurance company knows exactly what you have in your office or van, consider producing a video inventory of your equipment. Your video business should carry general liability insurance in case a light stand falls during a shoot and breaks someone’s nose or damages their musical instrument. There are some specialized insurance programs for video businesses, photographers, and for the entertainment industry. This type of policy covers the full spectrum of insurance needs for video production businesses including: Owned & Rented Equipment. 

Short Term Film & Video Production Insurance – Coverage for a single film or video production shoot without hazardous activities. Foreign Production Insurance Coverage for a single film or video production shot anywhere outside of the US and Canada. 

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