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video services

Video Services offers a wide range of professional video services ranging from multiple-camera studio and field production to editing and duplication services. The experienced staff can assist clients in virtually any phase of the production process from script writing to shooting and editing. Projects may include videotaping guest lecturers, seminars and any other instructional event provided that the video will be used in a specific course that is listed in the UCSB course catalog. Faculty may also prerecord a lecture for future classroom playback in the event of extenuating circumstances. A faculty member can request that portions of his or her course be taught in Studio A. 

Approval for this intensive use of Studio A’s facilities is made on a case-by-case basis and is subject to cost recovery. The Faculty Media Center includes two digital video editing suites with Adobe Premiere Pro, DVCAM recorders, and the capablity of compressing video for the web. Faculty must consult with the Office of Instructional Consultation for access to this center. Faculty are typically given up to 24 hours of free access per course per year. Course lectures can be videotaped and made available for streaming playback on a cost recovery basis. 

Note regarding Passport Photos: US and US style 2×2 inch ID photos available instantly whenever personnel are available. Passport photos for other countries, immigration, visa, digital delivery and foreign job application photos are available but require an appointment and are not available instantly. Edu to set up an appointment for any non-US passport, visa, foreign or domestic job application, or immigration photo that has differing dimensions than standard US passport. 

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What does a corporate web video cost? 25 Factors that affect corporate video production costs.

Corporate Video production can cost as much or as little or as your budget allows. The good news for businesses looking to engage a corporate video production company is that many of the factors that affect the price of a video have been going down over the last few years. There are many, many moving parts in the creation of a video but at the end of the day you are paying for the expertise and experience of the key people responsible for your video. On average most production companies will charge between $75/hour and $150/hour for the people involved in key activities such as shooting, editing and directing a corporate video. Streamed video on the internet doesn’t require high-end camera’s to capture your content because a lot of that quality will be lost in optimization for the web. 

The more experienced video production companies tend to have a wide variety of tools and equipment on hand for each shoot. Most business web video productions don’t require more than two people but depending on the complexity of the shoot you may require a crew of three or more. Video takes on many forms during the production process. Web videos tend to be around a couple of minutes although this varies considerably depending on the type and purpose of your video. Video production has the equivalent in ‘Miscellaneous fees’: Travel costs, meals, mileage, hotels, transportation, contingency fees, out-of-pocket it all adds up. 

A two to three minute web-based corporate video presentation might cost between $2500 and $10,000 if you consider the mid range of variables mentioned above. Aside from video production equipment are there other special props or pieces of equipment that need to be included as part of the costs. 

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NYC TV Commercial Production Company NJ Philly

Worldwide advertising agencies and national marketing firms recommend Aurora Coast to their top brand clients. Our highly recommended, award winning commercial production company specializes in the consultation and creation of high end national television commercial campaigns including the Super Bowl. We also produce some of the best, world-class corporate communication solutions, product branding multimedia, time lapse videos, documentaries and provide motion picture production and consultancy services to the marketing and entertainment industries. See why we are considered one of the highest skilled commercial production companies in the NYC, Tri-State region. We’re local, with Directors, Cinematographers, Producers and offices convenient to NYC, NJ, CT and Philadelphia companies. 

We would very much love the opportunity to be your multimedia film production services partner too. We have television commercial directors, producers and DPs in the NYC, NJ and Philadelphia area, not to mention Hollywood and ASC cinematographer approved equipment. From high end, super bowl tv commercial concepts to television broadcast delivery we do it all and we want to do it all for you. Aurora Coast’s in-house, award winning studio team of producers, directors, writers, cinematographers, composers and post crew are eager to meet your marketing demands. We have produced TV Ads for Interactive Brokers, Denny’s, McDonald’s and countless others. 

We easily provide both marketing consultancy and production services to the New Jersey Tri-State metropolitan region. Whether your project needs to be filmed in Princeton NJ, Los Angeles California, Miami Florida or anywhere in between, Aurora Coast is the right choice. 

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