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On Motion Media

On Motion Media is the most full-service of video production companies in Pittsburgh creating customized video strategies addressing marketing, sales, training and communications solutions for all organization types, businesses and institutions. Unlike other production companies in Pittsburgh, On Motion Media constructs television-quality video productions Pittsburgh and the world benefit from by implementing virtually all means of motion media including. On Motion Media’s sales, marketing, communication and training experts use the free distribution system of the Web to get your message to a special audience or across the globe. The difference is that our motion media and branding and marketing tools are designed to achieve very specific results. As a Pittsburgh video production and marketing company, we combine our video productions with marketing, branding and sales tools which, beyond video production, offer targeted marketing and channeled sales distribution fully supported by On Motion Media. 

About Us – On Motion Media, the most versatile video production companies in Pittsburgh, founded in 2005, is the fastest growing media company in the region. Our talented videographers together with the On Motion Media versatile creative and client support team join uniquely skilled freelancers specializing in. Corporate video Web video Commercial productions On-line video placement Television video placement Marketing and branding packages Pre-production Post-production Video editing On-location and Green screen video studio shoots. Bill Medica, Principal and owner of On Motion Media has over 20 years of experience on both Coasts as a writer, producer, and executive producer, leads a masterful crew of gifted videographers, editors, and motion graphic experts who combine to create the fastest growing video production company in Pittsburgh. Our Mission – We launched On Motion Media video production and marketing company knowing we could create a unique experience for our clients by building meaningful, engaged partnerships and solutions that clients would be proud of having a hand in producing. 

On Motion Media produces videos that promote business, generate sales, and add to the value of a company by making them competitive in a world of sophisticated technology and marketing techniques. On Motion Media is the most comprehensive video production company in Pittsburgh, with full service video production, media placement and marketing tools. 

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Video Production Cincinnati, Web Design Cincinnati, Social Media Cincinnati

The WIN Group is a Full-Service Branding, Advertising, and Marketing Company offering comprehensive marketing solutions for companies locally here in Cincinnati + the remaining 49 states. The advertising strategies listed above have been used successfully for many years, yet their effectiveness has greatly diminished and the rate of return on traditional advertising is decreasing substantially in contrast to Next Generation Marketing Strategies we will discuss in a moment. A significant benefit Digital Media offers Small Business is the ability compete head to head with much larger competitors using traditional advertising strategies. Eventually TV, Radio, Newspaper, Direct Mail, and other Print advertising mechanisms will become completely obsolete because they lack the ability to target the customers they wish to attract to their business. Traditional advertising utilizes a shotgun approach. 

In essence those advertising dollars are wasted on those who do not need the services of this personal injury attorney who likely has invested thousands of dollars to produce the commercial and far more to advertise their commercials. Cincinnati Digital Media Advertising strategies use a targeted approach versus the shotgun approach with traditional advertising media. You can more closely target your intended audience with Digital Media Advertising. To target their intended audience using traditional advertising methods such as TV, Radio, Newspaper, Telemarketing, Direct Mail would involve a considerable investment that would be far above their advertising budget. Traditional advertising methods would cost Pathway more than $300,000 per year to obtain the same results there Digital Media Strategies provide on an approximate $25,000 annual budget for advertising. 

Making use of Next-Generation Marketing Strategies that include E-Commerce Websites, Videos, Social Media, and Online Reviews and eliminating traditional advertising strategies is how small business owners will succeed in the future. The WIN Group can help you develop a powerful Digital Media Strategy utilizing Next-Generation Marketing Strategies for a Fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for Ranking results. 

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San Francisco Bay Area Creative Video Production Services

Crushpix is a creative video production company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Crushpix Video Production Company specializes in marketing videos, training videos, video interview and video testimonials, corporate culture videos, e-learning, product demonstrations and how to videos, live event coverage and TV commercials. Crushpix offers full service video production including video crews, lighting and audio, as well as video editors and motion graphics and animation. Our video producers work with clients throughout the Bay Area, providing the video crew, videographers and video editors to transform your idea into a beautiful and compelling story that conveys a clear message to your audience. Crushpix is considered by many to be one of the best video production companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

We specialize in professional corporate video production and company videos including training videos for staff as well as for customers, how-to videos, interviews, testimonial videos used to promote a company’s reputation, corporate culture videos, and TV ads. Video files are large, so depending on the length of your video, reducing it to be less than 10MB for an email blast will probably degrade it too much. As a full-service SF video production company, we offer end-to-end video production experience, customized for your unique business and clients, from script development and planning through casting, lighting, shooting, editing, and delivery for web video on our clients’ websites, e-commerce sites like Amazon, Grainger, and, and social media like YouTube and Facebook. With offices in Emeryville, video production in San Francisco and Silicon Valley is no problem. We are the preferred choice for many East Bay and South Bay companies that incorporate video into their marketing strategy. 

Our video producers and video crews travel across the country throughout the year in order to provide consistency within a video project. If you’re thinking about adding a professional video to your company website, whether you are in San Francisco, the East Bay, South Bay, or Napa Valley, Crushpix Video Production Company is happy to be your guide through uncharted territory. 

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