Three Flames Productions News for 05-22-2018


Video Production: Location Lighting

Whether you’re shooting with a red camera or an iPhone, good lighting is hands down the most production value bang for your buck that you can get. So in this course we’re gonna be covering basic lighting gear as well as lighting backgrounds and props and techniques for working with daylight and many other lighting topics. So whether you’re shooting in a barren ugly conference room or outdoors at a beautiful location like the one I’m in right now, I’m gonna give you some tools and techniques to help you get more production value through better lighting. So sit back and enjoy Video Production Techniques: Location Lighting. 

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Video Production Unit at PCC

PCC’s Video Production Unit creates videos for the college to be used in courses or in other settings in support of the educational mission of PCC. We can produce video to be distributed online and/or on PCC’s cable channel. Please take a look below at some of the videos we’ve produced for the college. If you have a project that you’d like to discuss with the Video Production staff, or if you have any other questions, please contact Michael Annus , Video Producer, or complete the Video Project Request form. For information about other video-related resources, please visit Instructional Support Video Production. 

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Corporate Video for Events, Web, Marketing, Training

You can count on our skill and expertise to deliver full-service professional video production or just the individual services you desire; video production, post-production, video editing, 3D animation, motion graphics, photography, cinematography, storyboarding, project development and green screen production. Our award winning content includes corporate video production for events, web, marketing and training. We are known for our creative style, fast turn-around time, and ease to work with throughout the entire video production process. Check out our videos page to get ideas for your next production project. 

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Corporate Video Production in Greensboro, NC

Website visitors stay an average of two minutes longer on your site when they are engaged through video. They are also up to 85% more likely to take action after watching. Our Video Production company’s goal is to help business’s communicate who they are and what the do by harnessing this power. Video engages emotions and creates a much deeper understanding of your products or services that can be gained through text and photos alone. Our video production team in Charlotte and Winston-Salem will guide you through the entire production process from concept to script writing, through post production and completion. 

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Variete Productions| Video Production| Web Video| Music video

Our team initiates creative concepts and develops existing ideas to produce powerful, tailored results for agencies and corporate clients of any sizes. Variete Productions creates high-quality videos for corporate and institutional communications, sales & marketing as well as music videos. Our projects are well designed and individually customized – focussing your target group. Video is changing the face of marketing, and we’re at the front of the evolution. We use marketing savvy and artistic vision to create compelling top-of-class videos that captivate and engage at the best price and highest quality. 

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Houston Video Production, video producer, video production services, Houston, TX

We produce video, make it come alive and give it your personality for your website or other uses, and we can create a promotional DVD for you to use with clients. Our services targeting the Houston metropolitan area include all phases of video production. We also offer Video Deposition Services to the legal community. Star Digital Studios continues to represent the embodiment of its founder and former Executive Producer, Sherry Carter, and we work as a team of expert professionals to provide the highest quality productions. If you are interested in something you do not see here, please send us an email. 

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Audio & Video Production

Technology Services & Support’s audio and video services are utilized for research, instruction, documentation, and public relations purposes. Most services can usually be completed in less than five working days. Services include taping, editing and mixing, special effects, computer-generated graphics, and preparation for online access. Foreign Tape to DVD conversion is available for VHS videotapes recorded in foreign formats. UIT offers post-production services for client-produced videotapes. 

Written permission from the copyright holder is required when copyrighted materials are duplicated. 

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Columbus Ohio Video Production

In a fast paced world of the internet, email, and cellphones it’s getting harder and harder to get people to stop and listen. That hasn’t changed the fact that we all still have messages to be shared. Communication is easier than ever, but actually getting people to hear what you’ve got to say is the hard part. We wrap your message into an engaging, entertaining, video package that makes your job of getting people to listen easier than ever before. With over 35 years in the media and video production business, nobody is more experienced or suited to make your message come to life. 

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Projection Mapping and Video Production by Go2Productions

From 3D projection mapping and video production to immersive environments and experiential, everything is created in-house by our award-winning team of creative artists and developers. We are a turnkey solution with over 30 awards to our name, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the results and so will your audience. We’ve already created mind-blowing projection mapping experiences and immersive environments for SouthWest Airlines, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Seagate, Genie, The Vancouver Canucks and many, many more. Let’s make your next brand experience exceed expectations. 

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