Three Flames Productions News for 11-10-2018

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North Hollywood Digital Filmmaking & Video Production BS Degree Program

Whether you’re watching a movie screen, TV monitor, or your smartphone, you’re looking at the work of a team of writers, producers, directors, camera operators, lighting technicians, video editors, and digital video effects designers. We’ll guide your learning as you work with digital video cameras, editing and graphics software, and other technologies. You’ll immerse yourself in an environment that’s creative and supportive as you work with the same digital media, lighting, camera equipment, and editing software used in TV studios, movie sets, and editing suites. Deborah works closely with her production crew because she understands that movie making is a team effort. Raylene works for designers, designer’s vendors, and fashion bloggers. 

Students work as a team to come up with a theme, budget, props, background, visual elements, and ways to communicate their message. The students learn to work as a team, be creative individually and collectively, be aware of budgeting, and know how to communicate a message visually. After working in graphic design and arts administration, I shifted to education, spending three years counseling art students to follow their dreams and pursue their passion. As a working scenic and lighting designer, I use the same techniques in the classroom that I use professionally to help students take their design ideas from research to 3D realization. From theatre to film to television to theme parks to events and festivals, no one person’s vision can be realized without the work of designers, artists, craftspeople and technicians. 

Working with students in programs such as Digital Film or Graphic Design or Photography, they learn that sharing their ideas in a group of creative people actually makes those ideas better. The culinary industry is built on teamwork, so my students work in teams throughout the program. 

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Film, Television and Video Production

This program is offered by the School of Communications/Electronic and Photographic Media Department, and is only available at the St. Louis home campus. Creators of film, television and video productions build the lens through which the world observes and understands itself. The film, television and video production degree at Webster University prepares students to be visual storytellers, idea shapers, entertainers, artists and communicators. Our program prepares students in each of these areas, ensuring that they are ready to enter any facet of the industry upon graduation. 

Whether you want to be a director, cinematographer, editor, visual effects or motion graphics artist, producer, gaffer, grip or any of the many other jobs available to you, this degree provides the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to succeed by placing you in real-world production environments at every level, starting from the moment you arrive, using industry-standard equipment and software. Students will learn fiction, nonfiction and experimental approaches; they will then be given the opportunity to specialize as their own path dictates. Plan, organize and execute a film and/or video production at industry standard levels. Design a series of frames and sequences with cameras and lights. Demonstrate proficiency with several basic postproduction tasks. 

Investigate and personalize the mediums of film and video theoretically, aesthetically and technically. FTVP 0500, FTVP 0501, or FTVP 0502 Monthly Meeting is required every semester for students enrolled in FTVP courses. Although any combination of these courses can be taken to fulfill the degree requirements, courses can be grouped by areas for students who want to focus on a particular aspect within film, television and video production. 

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Washington DC Video Production Company

Our video productions develop trust and connect with your audience, inform, advocate and inspire. We ask questions and dig into what makes your business tick. This allows us to achieve your desired result and focus on what matters effectively. A well crafted, professional video production that provides the perfect platform to accomplish your objective. All of our video projects maintain exceptional production value regardless of budget with the common goal of telling your story. 

Our trusted Video Production Company works with Fortune 500 companies, small business, and non-profits throughout the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia regions. We also provide exceptional video production services to our national and international clients as well. 

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Communication & Media Studies: Video Production Concentration

The Video Production concentration of the Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies instructs students on the art and craft of digital video production. Emphasizing field production and non-linear editing, students are taught to use the medium for effective storytelling. Acquiring skills in pre-production planning, camera composition and shooting, and post-production. Editing, students use Final Cut Pro to complete individual and group projects. In addition to television and video production, production skills are desired in a number of industries including sports marketing, corporate media, higher education, and non-profit social advocacy organizations. 

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Video Production

A unique relationship exists between UW Video and its campus partners that goes beyond the color of our walls or the business cards we carry. We share the common goal of advancing the positive impact UW has on our state, the region and the world. We understand and are aligned with your unit’s objectives of building the University of Washington’s engagement with and appreciation from alumni, students, donors and the community at large. We can help you with all of the above and more! UW Video is a complete video production studio. 

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