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Video Production as an Instructional Strategy: Content Learning and Teacher Practice – CITE Journal

Before teachers can be expected to use varied media and media production effectively as student learning tools in their classrooms, teacher educators need to provide teachers with opportunities to learn and think deeply about media and media production for their own purposes and find ways to support teachers’ ongoing instructional needs. Despite high-stakes testing, pressure to meet annual yearly progress goals, and standards-driven classroom curriculums, video production can be an integral part of K-12 practice if it is understood as an instructional strategy to support content learning, not as an object of study. This study examined teacher-learners’ use of video production in their K-12 classrooms and connections between students’ content learning and teacher-learners’ practice. In addition to more quantitative assessments, teacher-learners gathered evidence of content learning from samples of student work, student surveys, teacher observation journals, and parents. The reflections of the teacher-learners in this study made it clear that the content learning outcome of their efforts to design learning opportunities using video production was positive and, in some cases, more effective than previous attempts to teach the same content. 

Anecdotal evidence from samples of student work, teacher observation journals, student surveys, and parent comments all pointed to the power of learning organized around an authentic problem and the production of video. As teacher-learners worked to integrate video production, they wrote vigorously about the ways in which they connected content with video production, noting the range of content knowledge built through multiple teaching strategies and the ways in which that knowledge became part of students’ video planning and production. Given evidence from the teacher-learners in this study in support of the power of video production to promote content learning, there is a role for video production in K-12 classrooms. Clearly, one recommendation resulting from this study is to incorporate video production in K-12 classrooms by considering it an instructional strategy or activity to support content learning. Since teachers are responsible for selecting instructional strategies, realizing the possibilities of video production depends on providing teachers opportunities to learn and think deeply about video production. 

Teachers need the opportunity to learn that video production has a place in their practice when understood as an instructional strategy to promote content learning. As the reflections of the 17 teacher-learners examined in this study suggested, video production used as an instructional strategy and integrated in classrooms in robust and rigorous ways promotes content learning. 

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QNAP NAS for Video Production

Why Choose QNAP NAS When it comes to storage solutions, nothing beats QNAP NAS. With vital features and persistant reliability, you can drastically improve your workflow. Optimized for Video-Production, QNAP NAS provides collaborative editing environments with high bandwith connections such as 10GbE, Thunderbolt™ 2, and Thunderbolt™ 3. Our Solutions High-speed 10GbE NAS Incredibly fast networking environements are readily available on QNAP 10 GbE NAS. 10 Gigabit networks are ideal for multiple users with speeds that allow for an immediate boost to overall network performance with low latency, so everyone can quickly store and access their files. Thunderbolt™ NAS QNAP offers the very best in connectivity with Thunderbolt™ NAS. 

With a wide selection of Thunderbolt™ 2 NAS and Thunderbolt™ 3 NAS, QNAP brings incredible throughput and speed to your fingertips. Thunderbolt™ NAS is far superior in providing both the best in speed and versatility that non-Thunderbolt NAS cannot offer, video production professionals using QNAP Thunderbolt™ NAS enjoy efficient workflows, unprecedented speed, and incredible versatilty. Introducing Thunderbolt™ 3 NAS QNAP offers incredibly powerful and fast speed and connectivity with the only Thunderbolt™ supported NAS on the market. Utilizing 10GbE environments, multiple editors can access files and edit directly off QNAP 10GbE NAS without risk of bottlenecks. QNAP NAS provides simple solutions for backing up and restoring laptops and desktops with QNAP’s NetBak Replicator for Windows® and Time Machine® support for Macs®. 

Using a QNAP NAS for backup tasks is easy, fast, and convenient. Back up your data to another remote QNAP NAS or to a FTP server in real-time with QNAP’s Real Time Remote Replication. Hey Guy Media uses QNAP NAS for its Thunderbolt™ capability, built in 10-GbE and RAID configurations for redundancy. QNAP NAS helps them meet weeks worth of tight deadlines, with fast turn arounds and constant abuse. 

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East Valley Institute of Technology

Show off your creativity and explore the exciting process of video production in one of the largest high school green screen and production studios in Arizona. Learn all aspects of visual media productions including film, news, corporate event production, commercials, public service announcements and documentaries while using high- definition cameras. Students are also trained in animation, interactive video and web video production. Work with clients to produce various projects in a fully-equipped studio and audio bay while developing skills in editing, lighting, audio production and music creation. For announcements and updates about the Video Production program, text evit to 90210. 

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Introducing the 3D Video Production Pack!

We’ve created a huge pack with 20 video production themed models. You will also get two bonus behind the scenes time-lapse videos showing Remco modeling the Camera Dolly and Follow Spotlight from scratch. The models are made with Cinema 4D R12 and include textures. Two time-lapse videos showing Remco creating the Camera Dolly and Follow Spotlight from start to finish. For the best deal available on the Video Production Pack check out the Mega-Pack. 

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