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Video Production Process

Video Production Degree Program & Courses

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Arts with an area of study in digital video production program will offer solid knowledge to the students enabling them to solve complex video production problems and to create professional artistically unique products. The program will introduce a wide range of pre-production, production, post-production, special effects and sound design techniques. Students will become proficient in industry standard programs for editing, compositing, motion graphics, and sound design and engineering. The program starts with an overview of the digital media field with introductory courses in web design and animation, enabling them to gain a full understanding of platforms in the digital media field. The program will also offer elements of cinema, storytelling, or how to apply material to commercial video, short documentary and narrative films. 

Students will learn about contemporary and emerging video formats and will be familiarized with live switcher equipment, setup and controls, as well as efficiency to direct, shoot and finish professional quality projects. An inseparable part of the program is writing an original screenplay, budgeting, producing and marketing of completed original project. Students must complete all course requirements for the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Graphic Design as well as Introduction to Digital Media courses of Term Four. In the second academic year, the students will specifically concentrate on disciplines of Video Production and Advanced Video Production. As is the case with the Associate Degree programs, a student is required to take 4 credits in each of four disciplines: Art, Mathematics / Science, Social Sciences / Humanities, and English / Language. 

The program will prepare students for entry-level positions such as video editors, motion graphics artists, sound technicians and editors, and digital compositors. Lucas Films visits Platt College San DiegoLucasFilms present a look at what happens behind-the-scenes, and cover the Jedi Academy Program which is open to Platt students and is ranked one of the top PAID internship programs nationwide. 

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How Video Production Affects Student Engagement: An Empirical Study of MOOC Videos

This paper presents an empirical study of how video production decisions affect student engagement in online educational videos. To our knowledge, ours is the largest-scale study of video engagement to date, using data from 6.9 million video watching sessions across four courses on the edX MOOC platform. We measure engagement by how long students are watching each video, and whether they attempt to answer post-video assessment problems. Our main findings are that shorter videos are much more engaging, that informal talking-head videos are more engaging, that Khan-style tablet drawings are more engaging, that even high-quality pre-recorded classroom lectures might not make for engaging online videos, and that students engage differently with lecture and tutorial videos. Based upon these quantitative findings and qualitative insights from interviews with edX staff, we developed a set of recommendations to help instructors and video producers take better advantage of the online video format. 

For this study, we measured engagement by how long students watched each video and also by whether they attempted to answer post-video assessment problems. We took all 862 videos from four edX courses offered in Fall 2012 and hand-classified each one based on its type and production style. To our knowledge, this is the largest-scale study of video engagement to date. Videos produced with a more personal feel could be more engaging than high-fidelity studio recordings. Even high-quality prerecorded classroom lectures are not as engaging when chopped up into short segments for a MOOC. 

Recommendation: Some MOOC videos are created by simply chopping up old classroom lecture videos and putting them online. Those videos are less engaging than ones recorded specifically with the MOOC format in mind. Videos where instructors speak fairly fast and with high enthusiasm are more engaging. 

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Connecticut School of Broadcasting

We can help you switch from your current career path to the more exciting world of audio and video production. You’ll get the hands-on training you need to pursue a career as a producer, camera operator, sound designer, video editor – the possibilities are endless. TRAIN ON THE EQUIPMENT AND SOFTWARE USED IN PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTION STUDIOS. From the first day you start classes, you’ll be working with the same equipment and software that the pros use – HD cameras, professional lighting and sound, Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro, and more. When you graduate, you’ll be prepared to walk into any radio station or video production facility and get right to work. 

Stay on top of the ever-changing technology, work on your demos, and keep with the latest video and audio editing software and techniques. Before Connecticut School of Broadcasting, I felt I was living each day on repeat. There was nothing exciting or fulfilling about my life, until I came to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. I’ve always had a love for video production and videography which is what sparked my interest in the school. Once at the school I learned more in depth details about the world of production and found a love for the audio side of the industry. 

A week after graduating the school set me up with an internship with My internship turned into a job after a few short weeks and I’ve been working there for a year recording everything from stage announcements to interviews to live in studio performances. I owe it all to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting for what I learned to further myself and the connections I made with people in the industry. 

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