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5 Tips for Better DSLR Video Production

Our main findings are that shorter videos are much more engaging, that informal talking-head videos are more engaging, that Khan-style tablet drawings are more engaging, that even high-quality pre-recorded classroom lectures might not make for engaging online videos, and that students engage differently with lecture and tutorial videos. Due to the importance of video content in MOOCs, video production staff and instructional designers spend considerable time and money producing these videos, which are often filmed in diverse styles. Video Watching Sessions The main data we analyze is a video watching session, which represents a single instance of a student watching a particular edX video. Each session contains a username, video ID, start and end times, video play speed, numbers of times the student pressed the play and pause buttons, and whether the student attempted an assessment problem shortly after watching the given video. In Fall 2012, the edX video player automatically started playing each video as soon as a student loads the enclosing page. 

Video Properties To determine how video production correlates with engagement, we extracted four main properties from each video. Length: Since all edX videos are hosted on YouTube, we wrote a script to get each video’s length from YouTube. Speaking rate: All edX videos come with time-coded subtitles, so we approximated the speaking rate of each video by dividing the total number of spoken words by the total invideo speaking time. Video type: We manually looked through each video and categorized its type as either an ordinary lecture, a tutorial, or other content such as a supplemental film clip. Production style: We looked through each video and coded its production style using the following labels: Slides – PowerPoint slide presentation with voice-over Code – video screencast of the instructor writing code in a text editor, IDE, or command-line prompt Khan-style – full-screen video of an instructor drawing freehand on a digital tablet, which is a style popularized by Khan Academy videos Classroom – video captured from a live classroom lecture Studio – instructor recorded in a studio with no audience Office Desk – close-up shots of an instructor’s head filmed at an office desk Note that a video can contain multiple production styles, such as alternating between PowerPoint slides and an instructor’s talking head recorded at an office desk. 

In particular, we conducted informal interviews with the four principal edX video producers who were responsible for overseeing all phases of video production- planning, filming, and editing. Students engaged more with 6.00x videos, filmed with the instructor sitting at a desk, than with PH207x videos, filmed in a professional TV studio. 

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Corporate Video Production Dubai

We provide full multi High Definition camera for 4.6K, 4K, UHD and HD audio-visual video recording for live performance, events, conferences, weddings, corporate video and promotions, TV adverts, web adverts and product showcases as well. As one of the most dynamic and innovative corporate video production companies in Dubai, we make cutting-edge videos our way to create TV ads, corporate videos and viral videos that put your story up front with cinematic visuals and catchy story lines. Our team of corporate video production specialists stay at the top of their game by using modern film making techniques while also handling all the production details – from concepts and script writing to location scouting and casting, we manage it all. EDS is a specialist digital firm, renowned for its video production, editing, motion graphics located in the heart of Dubai. We take post-production a step or two further than other video production companies in Dubai. 

We aren’t recognized as one of the most technologically advanced video production companies in Dubai by chance, we take post-production to the next level by putting a shine on our corporate videos to make them stand out. With our team of specialist 3D animators and designers ready to create, build and bring to life characters that give your animation video production that extra edge, you’re going to get real results. Animated video production is constantly evolving, getting better, more dynamic and more impressive by the day. As the UAE’s corporate video specialists, we create animated videos that impress and help our clients realize their branding objectives. As a cutting-edge video production company in Dubai that consistently takes video production to the next level and beyond, whatever the visual illusion you wish to create to capture your audience’s attention, our video experts will create it for you. 

Multimedia is the future of corporate video production. Script writing is an essential aspect of our video production services. 

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Video Production Melbourne

We are a Melbourne based production company and provide full film and video production and post-production services. We can create a range of web, corporate and promotional videos as well as television, cinema and radio advertising for your business. We also produce music videos and provide post-production services for feature films. The most effective way to engage an audience is by entertaining them. At Hysteria Productions, we specialise in turning your message in to an entertaining and engaging video that will best connect with your specific audience. 

We know that producing a video can be a daunting task, especially if it is your first time. It is our job to guide you through the process so you understand what is happening and why. This helps make your production process as fun and stress free as possible. We believe it is our unique approach and skill set that makes us stand out from other video production companies. Our strong background in feature film production, narrative story telling and the advancement of filming technologies allow us to infuse your projects with heart and soul at an affordable price. 

With over twenty years’ experience in the film industry, we have had the pleasure of helping many businesses, big brand companies, government departments and international artisans get their messages out to the audience that matters to them. Click ‘Start Here’ to see how we can help develop an impressive corporate video for you! 

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