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Kangani Pre-wedding shoot I Jag & Sharon I I Jalf Video Production

Video Production Company

Showcase Productions, an industry leader since 1985, is a full service video production company specializing in sales and marketing videos, customer story testimonials, commercials, corporate communications, motion graphics, and 3-D animation. In addition to production services, we provide post-production and duplication in our Dallas, TX based facilities. Showcase Productions has a laid back, boutique feel and an eclectic mix of creatives. Our production, post production, graphics, audio, and duplication staff members share a common vision produce compelling visual stories through film and/or video while having a blast! Now, we are proud to offer complete website design & development services. 

Over the years, we’ve partnered with Fortune 500 companies, broadcast television networks and independent producers. We approach every project with one goal in mind… make our client’s message unforgettable, and we bring you the highest creative experience and technical excellence in the industry. We are reknowned for our experienced crews, state of the art equipment and relaxed atmosphere which when combined, lend themselves to the production of dynamic work, whether it be in our prize winning video production, film production, editing, graphics, animation, audio or duplication. Whatever the delivery approach, let us bring your project and ideas out of the box! 

Bottom line… our work makes you and your company look its best. 

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(2017)Video Production |

VIDEO REMIX PROJECT GUIDELINE & RUBRIC. Thursday/Friday, April 12/13All Movie Production Animated Logo After Effects Projects should be exported and ready to turn in at the beginning of class Monday/Tuesday. New Editing Assignment: Earlier in the week, along with a partner, you shot video for a 5 Shot Sequence. Explore the many Video Effects by applying them to video clips in which you appear. Present 10 Video Effects that you find interesting and/or appealing. 

Your overall goal is to explore all of the Video Effects in the multiple folders. Thursday, November 16Today’s activity directs students to view the following video that outlines Vsevolod Pudovkin’s contributions to film history. Using the writing structure for Summarizing Informational Videos, summarize the following video Essay: Akira Kurosawa – Composing Movement. Assignment Directions: Using the procedures we practiced in class today, summarize the contents of the following video. Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, October 18/19/20Good morning/afternoon Video Production! 

Today’s activities are outlined in the video and PDF file below. Friday, October 6Directions: Take out paper and pencil/pen to complete the written assignment on the right by watching the video on the left. Monday, September 25 Good morning Video Production students! McCarthy is absent today. Friday, September 22Good morning Video Production students! 

Today’s lesson is outlined in the tutorial linked below. 

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Construction Video Production

As a construction company it is vital that you understand how video can elevate your brand. Our Construction video production services are designed to enhance the visibility of your company, cut costs, and improve production. Find out how our video production services will save your organization time, money, and frustration! As the world turns more and more to their mobile devices for information, a construction company can be left behind without the right videos for their target audience. A quality video conveys trust and customer confidence within a few seconds. 

Having the right video marketing strategy can give your construction company a competitive advantage in your industry and will assist in boosting customer confidence. Creating correct footage is important as anyone could walk around with a smartphone and make a video. The first problem is the quality, there is not much of a comparison to professional video cameras. The best thing a construction firm can do is create high-quality on-site videos that can be viewed in the future. Video provides new staff members with a visual representation of their job. 

The money spent on video production costs less than training costs based on the amount of time it takes for standard training, lost production, and potentially lost profits. Trent met with Tiffany and Mike Sowby to understand what specific characteristics they wanted in the video that would represent their company. 

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International Production & Advertising ::: Home

IPA, International Production & Advertising, is a full service professional video production company based in Los Angeles, the entertainment and production capital of the world. IPA is the ultimate destination for all your Television & Video production needs. Recognizing that production revolves around people, we believe our approach to the business is second to none. We guide our clients every step of the way, from concept and scriptwriting to shooting, editing, DVD authoring and duplication. We have capabilities and abilities to work within a various array of budgets, from limited to vast. 

After working several years in various aspects of the video & television production, from journalism to shooting and editing to directing and producing, Hadi Khalil launched IPA Video Productions in 1994. What differentiates IPA from other production companies is its vast experience and rich library of whether it’s PAL or NTSC or SD, as well as HD Television production projects. IPA uses the latest and most advanced equipment, always ensuring superior quality and cost effectiveness. By browsing this site, you can check out some of the Projects we have produced over the years. Biography of Mr. 

Khalil as well as several testimonials from present and past customers are also available. Most importantly, you will also be able to view a small sampling of our extensive library of projects completed and judge for yourself! 

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