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The Padcaster Turns Your iPad Into a Mobile Video Production Studio

Video Production

The Digital Video Production program will prepare you for a career in the exciting world of film, video and television. Build and design a portfolio suitable for various markets. Register and operate a small video production business. Curriculum is based on creative theory and the practice of video image capture and manipulation through the use of state-of-the-art hardware and software. Courses are focused on a variety of techniques including the integration of digital imaging and production of still and motion images. 

A common first year with the Digital Photography program will give you the opportunity to gain a second diploma by completing a third year of studies. This fall you will participate in the second annual MAD 48-hour Film Challenge beginning on Tuesday October 10th, 2017! Over 500 students will participate in this year’s Challenge, under guidance from 38 staff and faculty. Here’s how it works: We’ll mix you and your colleagues all into small interdisciplinary groups with other participating MAD programs, so you’ll have the opportunity to meet students from a variety of disciplines across the School. A line of dialogue, a genre, a prop and a character type will be assigned to each group and must appear in your short film. 

A jury of industry professionals will attend the screening and select the top films for each genre and the best overall film. If you have any questions or need assistance during the MAD 48-hour Film Challenge, technical staff and faculty will be available during regular school hours in rooms B105 and L223. *Please note that any religious observations will be accommodated. We hope that you will participate and attend at times that are not affected by religious restrictions or commitments. 

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Production and Operations Management

Production and operations management talks about applying business organization and management concepts in creation of goods and services. Production is a scientific process which involves transformation of raw material into desired product or service by adding economic value. Production through separation: It involves desired output is achieved through separation or extraction from raw materials. Annealing process, is example of production by modification or improvement. Production by assembly: Car production and computer are example of production by assembly. 

Production comes under the category of line function which directly affects customer experience and there by future of organization itself. Aim of production function is to add value to product or service which will create a strong and long lasting customer relationship or association. An effective planning and control on production parameters to achieve or create value for customers is called production management. Identify the customer needs and convert that into a specific product or service Based on product requirement do back-ward working to identify raw material requirements Engage internal and external vendors to create supply chain for raw material and finished goods between vendor production facility customers. Output: Production management deals with manufacturing of products like while operations management cover both products and services. 

Customer Contact: There is no participation of customer during production whereas for services a constant contact with customer is required. Production management and operations management both are very essential in meeting objective of an organization. 

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Digital Video Production made simple.

The last panel in the opening stage is the new sequence panel. Editing In the project panel, double click the Media folder to open your video files in the folder bin. Then click the video clip to load it on the source monitor. After you have decided where you want your start and end of your video clip, click tool-to indicate the beginning of your video then drag the play-head and click icon-to indicate the end of the clip. Then drag the video clip from the source monitor to the icon next to icon. 

At this point, the sequence with your edited video clip will be created. From the project panel, continue to edit or mark in and out the rest of your video footage as desired and drag them to the same sequenced in the timeline. IpadMedia/consist of 1080p HD format )and, after editing on on the source monitor drag the the icon in the project panel to create the second sequence. To trim clips in the sequence, double click on your sequence to open it. Then positioning your play-head on the timeline to select part of the video clip you want to keep or cut out. 

After you made your selection, put your mouse cursor in the beginning of the video clip and hold down the control key to change the cursor from red to yellow pointing arrow, then drag the begging or end of the clip towards to the play-head. Nesting sequencesOnce all sequences are completed, control click the all the sequences and drag them to the icon again to create new sequence that combine all of your sequences. At this point, click to save your edited sequences as you prepared for the Video Adjustment step which I will cove in the upcoming posts. 

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