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Using communications systems (coms) in live video production | tnb160407

Program: Media Technologies/Video Production Technology Concentration, A.A.S.

The Media Technologies program encompasses related career-technical disciplines in four general concentrations: Communication Graphics Technology , Photography , Video Production Technology and Web Technology. The program employs instructors with years of practical experience and is guided by working professionals. The Media Technologies program is designed to offer greater flexibility to students who can, working with an advisor, design a custom curriculum best suited to their needs and interests. The program offers certificates for those needing broader, deeper and/or upgraded training. The Video Production Technology concentration offers condensed but intensive hands-on experience with industry-standard equipment and processes. 

Course content covers the three phases of digital video production. Typical job opportunities: Videographer, editor, video illustrator and production assistant. Demonstrate various styles in communications media that display a grasp of both design and communication principles and techniques. Demonstrate proficiency in the techniques and equipment that facilitate adaptation to constantly changing media. Contact: Engineering and Media Technologies, 694-6483; or program coordinator, 694-6522. 

Electives must be approved by the student’s advisor or the program coordinator. MDT 29984A supervised work experience course, the internship hours are completed for one of the Media Technologies concentrations with a focus on a specific media technology field. 

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Video Production Best Practices

Turn off anything that produces unwanted sound such as air conditioning, water coolers, or overhead lights that produce a hum; the microphones will pick up those noises. Turn off notifications and remove or hide any icons you wouldn’t want visible in your video. Lighting Use soft, evenly balanced light such as a simple desk lamp with soft-white bulb. A simple desk lamp with a fluorescent or LED light bulb is a great option for lighting. Audio Good quality audio is just as important as the video quality. 

No one will watch your video if they’re unable to hear or understand you! Use a headphone mic when recording audio only and no video. Once recorded you can edit your video to remove any unwanted sections. Publishing Your Video Consider where you intend to share your video. Common camera recording formats: AVCHD; TREC. 

Export files are the media file formats used for sharing and publishing the final video. OGG, MP3, M4A. Editing software programs typically offer sharing presets for many common online video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. The video can be exported and saved to a cloud service such as Google or locally to the computer or external hard drive. 

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Video Production and Sound Design specialization – School of Informatics and Computing

Our graduates are winning both local and national filmmaking awards and being hired by nationally syndicated TV shows. Gain hands-on knowledge in multiple genres when you earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Arts and Science with a specialization in Video Production and Sound Design from the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI. Develop real-world expertise. Gain experience as you collaborate on documentaries, entertainment projects, and more while mastering the latest technical skills required in the video and sound industry. You’ll rotate through production crew positions for an apprenticeship-style experience that reflects the realities of filmmaking. 

Using industry-standard equipment and software and working in our Audio Production Lab, you’ll develop, produce, and ultimately deliver a professional-quality product. You’ll graduate with the real-world skills employers are seeking. 

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Marketing Video Production

Creating videos for marketing agencies needs to strike the right balance of clearly defining what you do, telling a story, and providing value for the viewer so it doesn’t feel like they’re just watching a sales pitch. Marketing videos require a certain finesse and gloss that will give viewers a positive impression, but also providing some kind of useful content and powerful aesthetics that will make people want to share them. Ironically, even though the very service is actual marketing, the video shouldn’t feel too much like an ad.. 

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Comcast Technology Solutions

Shave time and money off of your production needs, from concept to distribution. Video production schedules and budgets can be difficult to manage and contain, and many of the production stages are often handled piecemeal between several different vendors. Comcast Technology Solutions provides comprehensive video production solutions through WestWorks Studios, an award-winning production facility that has everything content owners need to support local, national or international productions – all from one state-of-the-art, convenient location. 

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Fort Lauderdale & Miami Video Agency

The internet is moving towards video more everyday, from basic video productions to full blown movies. Don’t take our word for it, do a google search. Our video production studio is located in Fort Lauderdale and we regularly shoot in the South Florida area including Miami and Palm Beach. As a business, you know how difficult it is to produce your own video content, but everyone is doing it these days. If you are a business or have a product that needs to be shown in video, give us a call or contact us below. 

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Videographer & Film Services

Voca Films is a video production collective located in Denver, Colorado. Comprised of a tight-knit community of filmmakers, collaborators and friends, our video production services make a positive impact on our society and environment. From ideation through post production, our film production team works side by side with some of Denver’s leading video production professionals including; storyboard artists, videographers, gaffers, grip crews, talent, colorists and sound designers. 

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