Three Flames Productions News for 08-28-2018

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Video Production MGL Media

Online Video Marketing Agency

If you’re like most of our customers, you struggle to get views, leads, customers, and sales. Later we will offer you a FREE video marketing proposal but first, lets chat. When I started my 1st multi-million dollar company, I thought I had everything figured out. I soon realized that recessions, leverage, and lack of sales can quickly end any company. So I decided to spend the next year learning the art of online marketing. 

I wanted to create customers by creating and delivering the right message at the right time. I Co-Founded a company called Ydraw and put my skills to the test. Video Ads were growing my business, but I noticed other companies were not using them. We want to help you craft the right message and deliver that message to the right audience. Click on the Video Marketing Proposal button and let us look at your business. 

We’ll show you how to drive more customers, leads, views, and sales. Plus, you will be able to take our ideas and use them right away. 

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Video Production Rates: Packages & Pricing

It seems most companies don’t like to post their video production rates, but then again we’ve always prided ourselves on doing things a little bit different. If you shop around you’ll find our pricing is in the middle of the industry-standard range. Simply select the appropriate pricing guide for your needs, enter your email into any of the boxes below, and get instant access to our video production rate and pricing information! If you’re starting with a script, or even just a concept we can provide development services and creative direction long before the cameras start rolling. Once we’ve shot your masterpiece we’ll post-produce a polished package complete with titles, graphics, royalty-free music and professional voiceover. 

Once your project is wrapped, we can even help with marketing and distribution! Choose a video production pricing guide below and get instant access to general pricing info for full-service production projects. 

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Denver Video & Commercial Production, TV & Web Content

At Citizen Pictures, we are Emmy Award-winning lifestyle-focused content creators focused on high profile, talent-driven productions. We are a diverse and amazingly talented group of people with a passion for storytelling. We love what we do, and yes, we’re in Denver, Colorado – the best place in the world to live, work and create. Our focus is, and always has been developing inspiring and entertaining lifestyle programming centered around high profile talent – from food to travel, sports to leisure – we focus on content we would watch. We create this in partnership with some of the top networks, talent, digital platforms and corporations in the world. 

As a boutique supplier we always put content over commerce. We believe in the power of media to change perspective, to drive brands, and to create lasting impressions. More than thirty years in we are still as drawn to this belief as we were when we launched! 

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Corporate Video Production Company & Promotional Video Agency

Our talented, creative and experienced crew ensure that the production stage of your video runs smoothly and efficiently. This is where the detailed planning in the previous stage of the process allows us to save our client’s time and money. Our well organised shoots minimize filming time and make the production stage as efficient as possible. For all of our video production work we use the latest 4k video technology as standard so you’ll never pay additional rental costs but will receive the highest quality visuals possible. The choice of video equipment used plays an important role in how your final video will look. 

This allows us to keep our costs down, some shoots can be done with minimal kit without compromising on quality. For more extensive video projects we use drones, steadi-cams, cranes, dollys and jibs to capture beautiful cinematic shots. 

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Creative Asset: Video Production and Graphic Design Services

This is just a small sampling of the amazing clients we help support with their marketing and advertising efforts. OUR WORK. Our portfolio of clients ranges from non-profits and small startups to large corporations. For every client, no matter their size or the scope of the job, we serve up the same creativity, dependability and industry leading execution for everyone. OUR SERVICES. 

If you ask our clients what makes them continue to use Creative Asset, you’ll get a long list of reasons. The one thing they all agree on: we deliver outstanding results in record time. WELCOME. Every business and organization needs someone to assist with its creative needs. Whether you sell products or services or raise awareness and funds for an important cause, we can help produce industry leading marketing and advertising materials. 

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iTV Video Production.Melbourne

When it comes to TV Commercial production, our St Kilda-based studio in Melbourne studio offers an end-to-end service that includes script & storyboarding development, HD cameras, pro audio and full service edit suites. At the very start of your TV Commercial journey, we talk strategy – this includes clarifying your message, audience and the significance of the project. Guided by this strategic rationale, we develop concepts, select production methods, manage talent, locations and crew, and bring your television commercial to life. At iTV Video Production Melbourne we ensure a strong link between your brand and project objectives and deliver on time and budget – every time. We can produce TV advertising campaigns from as little as $5,000, or pay up to $15,000 which includes TV production and up to 300 targeted media spots. 

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