Three Flames Productions News for 08-25-2018

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LIVE Video Production Q&A with Filmmakers

Minneapolis Commercial Printing SolutionsGraphic Productions, Inc.

The demanding world of business never slows down – and neither do we. At Graphic Productions attention to detail, responsive customer service, innovative problem solving and on time deliveries keep us consistently ahead of our competition. Graphic Productions is a full service Minneapolis printing solutions company with over 30 years of service in the industry and we are committed to meeting our customer’s needs. Whether you have a short run digital project or a long run project in the 100’s of thousands, we will place your project on equipment that fits it best. This will insure you great quality at a very competitive price. 

Call Graphic Productions commercial printing today to find out more about our premium, corporate quality printing services. We serve the Twin Cities metro area as well as greater Minnesota with 30 years of combined experience in commercial grade printing. Our printing services are second to none and we have the equipment to suit projects of any size. Learn more about the equipment we offer on our commercial printing equipment page! If you have any questions regarding your commercial printing project we will be happy to answer them! 

Call Graphic Productions at 763-535-2498.Minnesota Printing – Twin Cities Printing – Minneapolis Printing – St. Paul Printing. 

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Todd Productions Inc.

At Todd Productions Inc., we specialize in producing custom-made videos for businesses or individuals. We pride ourselves on our affordable videos that have always had an exciting, dynamic look while consistently providing businesses with an informative edge for years to come. Video production is an excellent tool for conveying just the right message to your viewing audience… and Todd Productions Inc. makes conveying that message simple! 

Producing such videos can be an overwhelming task from our customers point of view, but Todd Productions Inc. can produce a complete video production with minimal or full client involvement. You feel comfortable, we will work to meet your needs! Once a video is produced, the method of making it visible to your audience can take on many convenient media types. DVD, YouTube, Website videos … 

however you want to get the message out, Todd Productions Inc. can help with that too! With years of experience in video production, website development, webhosting, and printed material, Todd Productions Inc. is proud to employ a professional staff who will work with you every step of the way and always complete the task required to get you exactly what you need. 

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An FBLA-PBL Competitive Event

The general event guidelines below are applicable to all national competitive events. Each competitor can only compete in one individual/ team event and one chapter event. Each competitor must compete in all parts of an event for award eligibility. Modified Events: A competitor may compete in the same event when the event is modified. Note, if the only modification is a name change, competitors may not compete in the renamed event. 

Team Events: One competitor of the team may have competed in the same event at one previous NLC; however, they may not compete more than twice in the event at the national level. Chapter Events: Competitors may compete in a chapter event more than once. Individual Entry: A competitor who competed as an individual entry in a team event at the national level may compete in the same event a second time as part of a team, but not a second time as an individual. Pilot Event: Competition in a pilot event does not disqualify a competitor from competing in the same event if it becomes an official competitive event. The participant may compete in another event as well as a pilot event. 

The maximum number of winners for each competitive event is 10. No unauthorized audio or video recording devices will be allowed in any competitive event. 

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Fall Video Production and Social Media Intern – GeekWork

GeekWire, one of the nation’s top technology news sources, is expanding our dynamic and creative digital newsroom with the addition of a fall video production intern. The person in this role will assist with editing and distributing GeekWire videos while getting hands-on experience in a local newsroom. This internship is a good fit for someone who is pursuing a career in producing, digital audience engagement, video editing, or on-camera reporting. Get real-world experience with video production by writing scripts and editing footage on deadline for GeekWire’s video series, TLDR. Help to increase visibility and engagement by distributing videos via GeekWire owned and operated properties as well as YouTube, Adwords, Twitter and Facebook. 

Work alongside the GeekWire editorial staff and help turnaround news stories on tight deadlines. Bring your own personality and creativity to our news team, looking for innovative and new ways to report the news and engage with the community. The ability to thrive in a fast-paced startup environment. Respect for deadlines and comfortable with quick turnarounds. This is a part-time, paid internship offered for the Fall Quarter / Semester of 2018. 

This opportunity is open to current students or recent graduates. 

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