Three Flames Productions News for 08-05-2018

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Video Production in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Video Production Edinburgh

Session2 is a video production company based in Edinburgh, Scotland, that provides a simple, cost effective way to enhance your website with top quality video shot in 4K and full HD. Whether you are a local retail outlet, wedding venue, a business to business specialist or anything in between, we can help you create an eye catching and informative movie about your business. As video has increased in popularity we found many small businesses wanted a video for their website. They were getting frustrated trying to shoot one themselves on a smartphone and couldn’t afford the large production costs associated with larger media and video production companies. We provide all the help and guidance you need from discussing your requirements, preparing a brief and shooting at your chosen locations. 

We will give your business the competitive edge it needs in order to successfully compete in today’s highly busy online market. 

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Video Production Studio::Live Video Broadcasting

VidStudio is a software system for live video production. Powerful mixing module will let you create various video layouts. DirectX/OpenGL hooking will let you use your favourite games as a video source. Video file source – all your media files are supported. DirectX/OpenGL – hook external application to use as a video source. 

Scene Manager – control channel switching, create your own video layouts. Network Transmitter – send live video to another PC running VidStudio’s NetBridge. Video Recorder – record your production to local hard disk. Video Effects – adding effects like chroma key, snow, rain, b&w and etc. 1.75 Improved DirectX video capture Improved video mixing. 1.6 Fixed a crash on loading save file Video source limit is set to 50. 1.1 added chroma key extended network module improved capture module improved video quality virtual camera extensions resizable video output window. 

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Video Production: Promotional Videos

In this course I am going to be walking you through all the steps and major production decisions I took to create a promotional video for a wonderful company called Creative Letter Press, located in Burbank, California. They’re one of a handful of printing companies in the world that still creates beautiful cards, invites, and stationery the old-fashioned way on restored vintage printing presses. As I draft the proposal, make creative decisions, and encounter and solve production problems, I’ll be sharing my methodology and giving advice for alternative ways to deal with a variety of situations you may encounter along the way from managing your clients’ expectations, to choosing lenses, and putting it all together in post production. For aspiring filmmakers with the right mindset, promotional marketing or corporate videos can be a great avenue of opportunity to earn the extra money. 

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specialize video Production and videography in Modesto CA, Videographer Modesto, CA

Here at CUE 3 Productions, the success of each client is our mission. With our video services in Modesto CA our goal is to bring high visibility to the client’s business, and thus more traffic to their door. Corporate Video Production We provide high end video production with editors who have designed commercials for Mercedes benz, and designed TV shows that are playing on M.T.V. In sitting down with FOX 40s marketing department we can tie your commercial to cutting edge technology to maximize your commercial views. We prefer to sit down with you, our client, determine your video service needs, look at the various forms of media available to you, then map out a strategy together that best promotes your business! 

We have FULL HD video cameras, pro level audio equipment and lighting. You are welcome to record in our studio or we can certainly come to you. 

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Nashville Video Production Company

WMV Productions is a Nashville video production company that customizes its services to accommodate the video needs of small businesses and big brands. Utilizing the newest top-of-the-line gear and current methods for video production, we have helped our clients raise the bar on their competitors with results-oriented sales and marketing videos, explainer videos and brand awareness. Our team of writers, directors, and producers work with our clients as partners to make sure their video project achieves their goal. Our team is happy to work on any scale or genre from big commercial shoots, corporate video work or even promotional videos for small business. Although the budget is always a factor, it never changes our approach towards each and every project we pursue. 

We love making videos and working with our clients to achieve their business goals is just the cherry on top. 

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NJ Video Production Services

Tell us what you want to accomplish, and we’ll tell your story with that goal in mind. That’s what a good marketing video is – a vehicle for telling stories. The story is what creates a bond between a brand and its target audience. Viewers become immersed in the story and forever connected to the brand. At the end of the day, a video is only as great as the action it inspires. 

If you have a smartphone and an app, you have the basic technology required to shoot and edit. Just because you can make your own video, it doesn’t mean you should. You still need professional equipment beyond what you can find in an app store. You need people who know how to use high-end equipment to tell a story in a way that blows your audience’s minds. Then we help you strategically integrate your video into your digital marketing campaign. 

From the CVP greatest hits collection, and contact us. 

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