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Accelerated Video Production | Sacramento Video Production

Video & Film Production House in Dubai, UAE.

Our large crew portfolio includes both in-house and freelance technicians with the skills and experience to fulfill all your production requirements. Whether you are filming a Commercial, Documentary, Drama, Entertainment, Reality, Sports or News our crew can deliver both technically and creatively. We offer tailor-made services to suit our clients’ specific needs in accordance with their budget, offering them a bang for their buck. We can supply multiple cameramen or single camera operators, each familiar with most popular camera formats, including RAW formats, XDCam, HDV, Betacam, DVCam and a range of Mini-Cams and DSLRs, through to a sound recordist, director, producer or video editor. Film District Dubai provides production services and stock a broad range of equipments enabling us to provide expert advice. 

Contact us with your specific production requirements and we will supply the kit and the crew that best fits your budget and production requirements. Our in-house technical and creative skills, along with specialist freelance database, enable us to offer cost-effective solutions and experienced personnel at every stage in the Video production process. Whatever you need, contact us for all your production equipment and crew requirements. 

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Music Video Production

As a musician, you should be sharing a consistent stream of new, high-quality videos with fans. If you give your fans the option, you can be sure they’ll click on a video first – before doing anything else. Fans see you in-person, and video is the only way to share that live experience with a friend. Getting new people out to shows, or talking about your music with others, requires you to give fans the resources to both discover and share your music. If you are a serious musician, we recommend videoing 1 out of every 10 of your performances. 

At the very least, we recommend a new set of videos every 6 to 12 months. Our team will coordinate with you, arriving 30 minutes early to setup, and communicate between songs to ensure a dynamic range of footage for each song. Any sort of planned production will require significant time both in Pre and Post production. Even better…. Vanilla Video offers half-hour videography starting at just $99, which includes 30-minutes of setup time. 

This means, you can very easily and affordably make some pretty cool videos. Learn how Vanilla Video works and leverage our unique videography service to your advantage. Getting video is always the first step, editing can always happen afterwards. 

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Corporate Video Production Services

Estimate your approximate video production costs and pricing using the Flimp Video Production Cost Calculator. Our video production pricing and rates are transparent and much lower than prices you will pay to traditional marketing agencies. Our experienced Flimp Agency creative services team takes a hands-on approach with every project to make our video production services process easy and enjoyable without unnecessary delays or budget overages. Our team is able to offer valuable insights when it comes to leveraging your video content for sales lead generation and corporate communications. Selecting the right video messaging, length and style is critical to the success of any business, marketing or corporate video production initiative. 

At Flimp Media, we know how to create and price engaging online video content for sales lead generation, corporate marketing and communications to generate results. With the best network of creative talent and production agency offices in Boston, Denver and Manchester, UK, we can produce any style of video your company needs at low costs. Our clients include many Fortune 500 corporations, SMB companies, technology startups, healthcare providers, universities and nonprofit organizations. 

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Houston Video Production Company

Houston video production company, Artistic Video Productions, has lead corporate video production for 30 years. In 2002, we merged with Directory One to provide businesses in Houston both web and video marketing services. Dave, our seasoned video editor, worked with Fox news over 10 years and has a reputation for creating professional videos in a timely manner. Our years of experience mean we are knowledgeable and have all the right resources to help you produce high quality videos. Video is a powerful visual medium that can help increase your company’s exposure to potential clients. 

At Artistic Video Productions, we work on increasing your videos visibility by optimizing your video on sites like YouTube and Vimeo. When you choose to work with Artistic Video productions, we will facilitate the planning and execution of your video. We have the right equipment, which includes an HD camera and lighting kits, to make your videos high definition. When you call us at 713-269-3094, our CEO Phillip will help identify your video production needs. The packages we offer are fixed cost and cost-effective. 

Your Houston Video Production company, Artistic Video Productions, is ready to help you produce professional videos today. 

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GreyHawk Films

The magic of the movies brightens the lives of the southern mill town residents at the Gem Theater. Within the walls of this quaint movie house, the townspeople sit in the dark watching and dreaming of life beyond their harsh realities during the Great Depression. In 1939, it is business as usual until two young boys, one black and one white, get the wild idea to secretly invite the neighboring black shanty town into the all-white Gem theater. Defying the Jim Crow laws, the unlikely friends smuggle the black community into the theater seats every Wednesday for secret late night screenings. The movies introduce the oppressed townsfolk to a vibrant world they have never seen. 

As imaginations soar, the boundaries are pushed and tensions escalate. The situation dangerously accelerates when a beautiful Hollywood starlet comes to town on her promotional train tour. In a climatic and explosive evening, the Jim Crow laws are openly and cruelly challenged changing the historical course of the small Southern town. A curmudgeonly projectionist, an old-school black custodian, a bright young box office girl, a harmless romantic, an enlightened teacher and an outspoken black minister round out the cast of characters. 

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