Three Flames Productions News for 07-21-2018

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Video Production

MelVee Video Productions – A Divine Voice out of Africa

ABOUT MELVEE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS. There is no question that the continent of Africa is a melting pot of ethnic and cultural diversity, which gives it a special and prominent place in world evangelism for the building of Kingdom of God. The indigenous African Seventh-day Adventist gospel preachers, and teachers have contributed significantly to the establishment and building of the Remnant church throughout Africa and in the diaspora. It is the goal of MelVee Video Productions is to build an online heritage of African Adventist preachers and teachers by capturing quality multi-media messages that will bless and grow the Church of Jesus Christ across Africa and globally. We hope to become a leading African Adventist online video ministry for Africans within Africa and in the diaspora. 

We aim to be a preferred divine voice out of Africa for nations and kindred who desire to watch authentic African gospel presentations. Using online multimedia content platforms, MelVee Video Productions aims to connect hearts and lives to Jesus and to celebrate the African Adventist story by the sons of the soil. MelVee Video Productions recorded its first evangelist campaign in UK in 2011 when Elder Melusi was preaching at an evangelistic campaign in Nottingham’s Upper Room Ministries, a church that he had played a leading role to establish in 2005 while he was a post-graduate student at University of Nottingham. The lord used the glitches and restrictions we faced in our local church to in our local church to expand the work to include other speakers in other congregations and ministries accross Southern Africa. This family ministry thrives on being a divine voice out of Africa, focusing on sharing quality videos and messages that are founded on the Three Angels Message of Revelation 14:6-12 and the Loud Cry of Revelation 18:1-4. 

Since its inception and roll-out as a social media based multi-media platform, MelVee Video Productions has been committed to supporting the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and teaching the Advent Message, based on the seven pillars of our faith and using quality multi-media productions that connect people to each other and to the God of the Bible. OUR ACHIEVEMENTS. MelVee Video productions has travelled across Southern Africa and recorded preachers and teachers from Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Since June 2012, MelVee Video Productions has produced and published over 470 videos on YouTube and reached over 820,000 viewers across the globe. 

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The Magazine of Independent Film

His activist girlfriend Detroit disapproves, especially after Cassius comes to the attention of deranged tech bro Steve Lift, CEO of RegalView’s biggest client, WorryFree, which cheerily sells the working class a 21st century form of indentured servitude. When I speak to James DeMonaco, The First Purge is only 48 hours from hitting theaters, but the franchise’s creator is otherwise engaged. DeMonaco has two production days left on his latest film, Once Upon a Time in Staten Island. It’s a personal movie, a coming-of-age drama starring Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale. The film that exists because DeMonaco wrote and directed 2013’s The Purge, plus its two sequels. 

His latest is even funded by his boss of the last several years, Jason Blum, the namesake head of horror unit Blumhouse Productions, making it only the second non-genre picture they’ve handled since Whiplash, and their first overtly topical movie since Get Out almost won the Best Picture Oscar. There is, perhaps, no actor at the moment more synonymous with New York indie filmmaking than Keith Poulson. He got to stretch his wings a bit in Zach Clark’s Little Sister, where he played a severely disfigured Iraq War veteran. One of the most formally and politically groundbreaking movies of the early 1970s, Melvin Van Peebles’ 1971 trailblazer Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song, is now available on Blu-ray from specialty label Vinegar Syndrome, a company doing more to preserve the heritage of America’s outlaw independent films than any other. Sweetback is one of the more historically significant titles in the company’s catalogue, a picture so influential that its innovations are probably less readily apparent to contemporary audiences than they should be – though the propulsive energy and stylistic audacity that drive the movie still set it apart from its many imitators. 

New York independent filmmaker Onur Tukel, whose work we have covered quite a bit at Filmmaker, has directed a music video of a song by the anti-folk singer Jamie Block. Block’s new record comes out tomorrow, and, as a preview, the folks at sonaBLAST! Records have sent it along with this press statement: Jamie Block is a New York City based singer-songwriter who is known for his ramshackle, genre bending music. 

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Filmmaking Equipment for Video Production

Documentary, nonfiction, factual, reality, news shooting – there are many ways of describing it, but the art of making a documentary video requires essentially the same tools across the board, no matter what you call it. You’re looking to put together a documentary filmmaking kit that will enable you to shoot as quickly and effectively as possible. Yes, you absolutely can shoot a documentary on an iPhone, but it will be a pain to achieve the kind of results that a real video camera can do natively. At some point along the line, the complexity and expense of the equipment continues to shoot further and further up, while the results don’t improve all that much. Affordable prosumer cinema gear allows us to shoot beautiful documentaries quickly and efficiently, which enables us to shoot more docs, edit them faster, get hired more often, and maybe even make a living at this craft. 

It’s not just bad gear, because there are some amazing tools out there that are perfect in a controlled environment, like in a studio set or on a corporate video shoot. Imagine being able to shoot videos that look as good as big budget Hollywood blockbusters, without the cost and crew required to shoot a major blockbuster. We travel so much for our shoots that even the smallest, lightest bowl-mount professional video tripod out there can still be too big for our luggage. If you shoot any kind of B-roll with your tripod, the Miller Air is perfect for documentary shooters. As for monopods, which we use for 90% of our B-roll shooting, we recommend the Manfrotto MVM500A. 

The original model, the 561BHDV-1., set the standard for video monopods, and the current model is just as good or better. Seriously, it’s probably had the most effect on the quality of our shooting, enough that we now plan many of our shoots around the Helix Jr. Here’s a post on how we modified our Helix Jr. to work even better with the C100. ​If you shoot with a smaller camera like the Canon XC10/XC15, or a DSLR or mirrorless camera, the Pilotfly H2 is a very easy to use gimbal with a long battery life. We usually travel and shoot as a 2-man crew, so we can bring everything with us on local shoots, as well as with air travel. 

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