Three Flames Productions News for 07-18-2018

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FBLA Digital Video Production 2017 – “Seven” (Regional 1st Place)

Video Production Houston

Video production is more than just shooting a video and putting it up online. Instead, this is a comprehensive and complex process that is fine-tuned over time as the artist works on projects. The art of video production is something that can greatly enhance your business if you use it in the right way. The first step in the process occurs before any video footage is taken. During this planning stage, we work to determine the scope of the project, create a storyboard, do research about the topic, write the narrative or script, find the people who will participate in the video, and determine the location where it will be shot. 

The second step in the process is the actual filming. We focus on how the scenes we shoot are going to portray your purpose. We want you to get the best footage and not just the easiest. The third step is when we put everything together and get it ready for you. This is when we take care of the editing of the video. 

We do post-processing work on the video which includes doing color grading, graphics work, animation, and music during this phase. Once the post-production phase is completed, you have a professional video that is ready for you to show off in any venue or manner necessary. 

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Video Production Liverpool

Yellow are a video production company based in Liverpool that film and produce commercials around the entire UK. Yes we are the best video production company in the Northwest but wherever you are based, we can help. There will be a cameraman, a sound recordist and occasionally a producer. The sound recordist usually acts as interviewer too. A series of confirmations – confirming you are happy with the script, filming schedule, first draft and final edit. 

Providing us with as much information on your company as you can for scripting purposes and providing contact details of any interviewees, locations etc you want us to contact and schedule in for you. Making sure filming location is ready for the shoot, knows we are coming and is clean and tidy if possible. After review of the first edit send us a list of any amendments you would like to make the video exactly as you want it – if you would rather visit our Liverpool studio to go through amendments, then you are more than welcome! We tend to edit to a track that suits the edit but if you want options we can happily provide some. 

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Media Arts Center San DiegoMedia Arts Center San Diego

Full video production services based in North Park, San Diego. For a free project quote please contact Ryan Kuratomi. We offer full video production services from script development and shooting through editing your final product. We believe that storytelling is at the core of today’s successful media whether it is in your organizational profile video or a recap from your last great event. Media Arts Video Production Services is made up of experienced media production professionals with strong creative backgrounds in video, photography and design. 

We strive to make media accessible for you by walking you through the process as a partner in order to best connect with your audience. Media Arts Center San Diego, a 501(c)3 non-profit, has been a hub for local creatives by providing media education classes, access to equipment and unique film screenings. By hiring our non-profit video production services you will be supporting Media Arts Center’s diverse education and film exhibition programming. We’d love to hear about your next project and how we can help make it successful! 

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Royal High School: Video Production

VIDEO PRODUCTION is an introduction class designed to provide students with artistic, creative and historical background. In the fields of video, broadcasting, and film production. This course provides instruction and training in pre-production, production and post production phases of project development. Students who are interested in a career in entertainment production have opportunities to explore the many jobs involved in the making of such productions. Those who achieve competency in this course will be prepared to enter a film or broadcast journalism course at the college level. 

This class serves as a prerequisite for our CTE capstone classes, Advanced Video Production and Broadcasting. FINE ART. PRACTICAL ART. ELECTIVE CREDIT. TECHNOLOGY… 

just to name a few! Please feel free to look through our video assignments for the year. We are also adding fun short exercises that will help individual development. I will post a description of the current activity or project the class is working on. 

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Food Video Production

Whether you’re making a video to advertise your business or just sharing your favorite recipe with an instructional guide, food video production skills will help you reach your goal. A major thing to keep in mind is that many of the same principles that apply to general commercial videos are also important here – remember you’re selling a product! Whatever that may be – gourmet items, expert services, or just the idea of a tasty entree – needs to be featured in its best light. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for new food videographers is the simple fact that not all dishes and ingredients are visually appealing on video. Contrary to popular belief prop food is not the norm. 

Instead, most high quality video projects call in a professional food stylist to make actual food look amazing. An experienced food stylist can also help your team with layouts, set design, and even ingredient sourcing. If you want to take a more DIY approach, read up on food styling techniques yourself for step-by-step guides on learning the trade. 

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