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Smartphone Video Production, Simple Gear Basics for Interviews using an iPhone 6

Video Production Dublin

Take the time to think of creative and relevant titles for successful video marketing. Just create a video of what you offer and what it does while you narrate why they want it. Remember what power video marketing has over other social media forms. You should use the embed code from Facebook on your site instead of YouTube as Facebook followers tend to be more lucrative than YouTube followers, and you’re working to build your brand with the video you post. Don’t forget your SEO as you create your video! 

Include key words and phrases in the title and video. You can even use your website’s keywords in the name you use on YouTube to further your SEO. You should also create a video sitemap for your site which Google can crawl. You can’t expect to have results in your video marketing campaign without many videos. To show viewers that you are serious about your video marketing campaign produce videos regularly to share with others. 

Try to produce at least a weekly video for your viewers. Your home website should enable you to embed a video into your page. Having a video on your actual website will help to engage viewers. If you are camera shy, or you do not feel like you would be good at video marketing, look within your company for someone who would be a good fit. 

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Jargon: Glossary of Video Production Terms

Action axis An imaginary line drawn between two subjects or along a line of motion to maintain continuity of screen direction. Follow focus Controlling lens focus so that an image maintains sharpness and clarity despite camcorder and/or subject movement. Too much headroom makes the subject appear to fall out of the frame. Long shot Camera view of a subject or scene from a distance, showing a broad perspective. Medium shot Defines any camera perspective between long shot and closeup, viewing the subjects from a medium distance. 

Nose room The distance between the subject and the edge of the frame in the direction the subject is looking. Over-the-shoulder shot View of the primary subject with the back of another person’s shoulder and head in the foreground. Point-of-view shot Shot perspective whereby the video camera assumes a subject’s view and thus viewers see what the subject sees. Rack focus Shifting focus between subjects in the background and foreground so a viewer’s attention moves from subject to subject as the focus shifts. Two-shot A camera view including two subjects, most generally applicable to interview situations. 

Tracking Lateral camcorder movement that travels with a moving subject. The camcorder should maintain a regulated distance from the subject. 

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FLIMP| Video Production Services

Estimate your approximate video production costs and pricing using the Flimp Video Production Cost Calculator. Our video production pricing and rates are transparent and much lower than prices you will pay to traditional marketing agencies. Our experienced Flimp Agency creative services team takes a hands-on approach with every project to make our video production services process easy and enjoyable without unnecessary delays or budget overages. Our team is able to offer valuable insights when it comes to leveraging your video content for sales lead generation and corporate communications. Selecting the right video messaging, length and style is critical to the success of any business, marketing or corporate video production initiative. 

At Flimp Media, we know how to create and price engaging online video content for sales lead generation, corporate marketing and communications to generate results. With the best network of creative talent and production agency offices in Boston, Denver and Manchester, UK, we can produce any style of video your company needs at low costs. Our clients include many Fortune 500 corporations, SMB companies, technology startups, healthcare providers, universities and nonprofit organizations. 

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Video Production

For the best quality in video production, look to We do it all-from five-star DVDs to web video marketing to viral video campaigns. Small, medium and large businesses all turn to when they’re looking for the highest quality video for their next marketing campaign. Enhance your home page: A high-quality video is a great way to welcome potential and existing customers to your web site. You can guarantee that they won’t be clicking on something else once a stunning video production lures them in. 

Impress business partners: A video production can set your company apart, illustrating a professional, modern marketing plan. At Video Production, we never lose sight of that. Plus, we deliver for our clients every time with stunning videos that draw in customers. On2’s video compression technology that provides the clearest, sharpest image available on the market today. A team of excellent script writers that are seasoned professionals in the marketing business. 

So if you’re looking for a company with a variety of video production packages, check us out. When it comes to your company’s video production needs, trust 

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