Three Flames Productions News for 04-27-2018

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Video Production Pros Roundtable

Communication & Media Studies: Video Production Concentration

The Video Production concentration of the Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies instructs students on the art and craft of digital video production. Emphasizing field production and non-linear editing, students are taught to use the medium for effective storytelling. Acquiring skills in pre-production planning, camera composition and shooting, and post-production. Editing, students use Final Cut Pro to complete individual and group projects. In addition to television and video production, production skills are desired in a number of industries including sports marketing, corporate media, higher education, and non-profit social advocacy organizations. 

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Video Production Services: Animation, Commercial and Video Production

Video production services include 360ยบ videos, corporate videos, product demo videos, animated explainer videos, online marketing, TV commercials, and more. Epic stands out from most Arizona video production companies because we offer many video production services. Specializing in going the extra mile by offering full-service video production, digital advertising, and creative marketing strategies to our clients. Epic can revive previous projects or create and execute from scratch. From script to screen to broadcast and online advertising, catering to all your multi-media needs. 

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Brighton Video Production

Cobb PR. We worked alongside the Brighton Video Production Company earlier this year to deliver media a training session to business owners from the Brighton & Hove area. It was our first assignment together and, in all honesty, I did not know what to expect. They did the thinking for me, allowing me to concentrate on delivering a great session. Colin and Tim produced a video reel at the end of the session, which we sent out to all the delegates. 

It was an excellent piece of work and summed up perfectly exactly what we were trying to get across. 

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About this course: Welcome to Daydream Impact Virtual Reality and 360 video production course! Our mission is to give you the skills needed to use VR to advocate for a cause and communicate your mission. This course will introduce you to Virtual Reality and 360 video production, guiding you through a step-by-step process to create VR content. To begin, we recommend taking a few minutes to explore the course site and review the material. Best of luck as you get started – we hope you enjoy the course, and are successful in using VR to make an impact. 

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Promotional Video Production Company

Whether you have an idea or a fleshed-out storyboard, our award-winning team is ready to talk about your cinematic vision for your creative promotional videos. With a convenient location in Washington, DC, we’re available to chat with you over the phone or meet up with you to get the scoop on your company. Fill out the form below, or call 202-416-4660 to start your promotional video production. 

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Clackamas Community College

Lights! Camera! Career! The Video Production Technician Certificate prepares students for positions in multimedia productions. Work behind the scenes in film and television to make dreams a reality in positions such as audio and video equipment technician, broadcast technician, camera operator, film/video editor, media and communication equipment worker, multimedia artist or animator. 

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Audio & Video Production

The primary objective of the Audio-Video Production program is to provide students with the theoretical and technical training necessary to produce program material for both broadcast and non-broadcast. Students will receive a combination of theoretical and practical courses combined with pre-professional training applicable to careers in television, video production and multimedia. 

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Video Production

Video has become the most effective tool for communicating a brand’s story. Through visuals, music and dialog, brands come alive – allowing customers to fully experience the brand and everything it offers. Our video production team can help you create an amazing visual experience for you that will be like no other. Fill out the form below and let’s give your brand a life of its own! 

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Live Video Production, Encoding & Event Services

Ustream can provide encoding services that range from sending an encoding technician onsite, to work with your existing crew, to coordinating delivery via satellite or fiber circuits. Our encoding specialists ensure flawless delivery of the video from your point of production to audiences all around the world. Contact Ustream to discuss encoding solutions for your next event. 

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High-Quality Real Estate Video Production by Luxury Presence

The smartest realtors are embracing the power of video – showing their personality in brand videos, presenting their properties in engaging clips, and highlighting their communities in lifestyle drone videos. From the full-screen video opener to the embedded property videos on each listing page, our websites are the best when it comes to showing off your video content. 

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Multimedia Video Production

This program features digital techniques for video production and editing, still photography, motion graphics, drone photography, 3D modeling and animation, audio editing and recording, and web development and animation with HTML5. Enrollees should have experience with Windows or Macintosh computers and experience navigating and using internet resources. 

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Web, Corporate, Promotional, Training, TV Commercials & Music Videos

For the superlative promotional video productions, Video is the authority. Our award-winning creative team will deliver for your company every time. Small, medium, and large businesses have made Video part of their marketing strategy, reaching clients, business partners, and the ….. 

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